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Friday, 15 January 2010

Progressive Satanic Revolt From Nothingness To Worship Of Satan

Progressive Satanic Revolt From Nothingness To Worship Of Satan

Linda Kimball

Lucifers' Yet to come New Establishment Specify

...The Satanic Insubordination has these days brought forth a armed forces of anti-saints, a fully-commissioned "counter-initiatic ranking" to capture in a New Establishment Specify. Rene Guenon describes the ranking as:

"the reorder of the true saints, thus manifesting the maximum work on influence within your capabilities of upturned spirituality." (Double-crossing Dawn: The Place Religions Force, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Spirituality, Lee Penn, p. 437)

These forces assertion invented a pseudo- religion, and the Permit for America's The general public, The greater picture includes six such unions, Key enormous forces can be seen here:

Lee Penn calls our concentration to the Place Religions Force. Deliberately or maybe mistakenly the URI is the leading edge of the One-Faith-Of-God need. The URI is to a decided profundity energetic by New Age satanic-spirituality. Penn annotations that swagger is fitting midpoint to New Age theology which is a syncretistic stew of Charitable Christianity, Theosophy, Spiritism, the Primal Mysteries, Wicca, God devotion, and veneration of Lucifer.

The URI has fascinated a imbalanced group of activists and powerful electorate. For example, the Dalai Lama, novel churchmen from the Amateur Republic of Porcelain, pro-gay Episcopalians, maverick Muslims, feminist witches, sumptuous businessman foundations, the Staff of Rome, the Temple of Tolerance and the Lucis Praise, basic called Lucifer Publishing. Signal electorate of the URI and globalism take occultist Robert Muller (initial UN contributor secretary current), Neale Donald Walsh, George Soros, Mikhail Gorbachev, Maurice Shut, Ted Turner, and Barbara Marx Hubbard. (pp.5,7, 23-26)

New Age spirituality relies solidly on the spirit revelations channeled direct Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Muller, Marx Hubbard, and Neale Donald Walsh. Penn annotations that all together they form a collective anti-Gospel backdrop forth a novel examine of spiritualized totalitarianism that includes:

1. Acclaim for Lucifer as the light-bearer and patron of wisdom.

2. Proclaiming that we humans are gods and that death is not real

3. Advocacy for extreme realm control, with eugenics and euthanasia

4. Utter deprecation for traditional religions - with deep-seated laugh at directed at Judaism, evangelical Protestantism, and Roman Catholicism

5. Forecasting a out of action (and for them, straight) "file" of mankind, in which the progressives key up the New Age and the reactionaries turn annihilation. For the New Age Apostles of "novel" Unreserved Darwinism, these casualties are a key invoice to pay for worldly swagger." (ibid, p. 7)

Spoken communication direct Hubbard, her spirit guide "Christ" prophesied in 1995 that the Qualifications of the Wan Long jumper decision use the "sword" as one of his finances to "string up natives who accept to keep on insensitive." (ibid, p. 322)...

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