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Monday, 18 January 2010

Bear Creek Music Festival

Bear Creek Music Festival
Looking for a review of the bear creek 2008 music festival? look no further, a full review is up on glide magazine. and some video is on this page of our site

p.s the 2008 bear creek was perhaps the best festival of all time. for sure the best in the southeast.

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Florida is the kind of place where otiel burbridge the bass player for the allman brothers plays small clubs and hangs out with the audience, where JJ Grey from Mofro jams on his guitar by a campfire and Dereck Trucks shows up impromptu at your local annual festival to kick out some southern slide guitar gospel.

"when I pulled up to the camp ground [for the 2008 Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival] it seemed like every person I saw was a friend saying hi, that's when a festival turns out to be more like a family reunion." This paraphrased quote was spoken by Florida native JJ Grey of Mofro, and it sums up the sentiment at the event. Nestled in the woods of the Spirit of Suwanee Music Resort in Live Oak Florida, the harvest moon hung over head as the spell of the season of the witch spread throughout the campground like the spirit of music itself.

Being a bassist I have particular respect for funk bass. The creative rhythms created throughout the weekend played with negative space, and the length of notes, creating catchy danceable grooves, a rare and mysterious skill in music. The talented funk guitarists, organ players and drummers were equally rare and exceptional. Some of the worlds funk bands were in full effect this weekend including, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Lettuce, Soulive, Papa Mali, Cadillac Jones and Dumpstaphunk. That many elite funk bands in one place is a truly uncommon occurrence and cause for celebration. The soulful music complemented the crisp, fall air, awakening primordial emotions and creating a sentimental and celebratory environment for this uncommon, harvest festival.

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