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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Extra Solar Spheres Using The Enochian Temple

Extra Solar Spheres Using The Enochian Temple Image

Contents of these disks:

AMETH.ZIP -- A Pagemaker document with a picture of the Sigil of Ameth as an embedded Encapsulated Postscript file.

CALLS.ZIP -- A Pagemaker document with the Calls laid out as a
grimoire, with an Enochian Call and translation on the left-hand page, and a picture of the corresponding Tablet or Lesser Angle on the
right-hand page.

ENOCHDB.ZIP -- A database of Enochian words with their gematria
values, meaning, source, etc. in dBase format and in tab-delimited
text format. The values used for the letters are included in a
separate database file.

ENTABLES.ZIP -- Pictures of the four Elemental Tablets and the Tablet of Union in CorelDraw and Encapsulated Postscript format.

GODZILL1.ZIP -- Chapter 1 of".T. (Enochian Temples).
Analyzes the First and Second Calls in detail, and describes the way in which the sixteen elemental Calls relate to the Platonic
"spherical" cosmology.

GODZILL2.ZIP -- Chapter 2 of".T. . Cosiders the
structure of the Tablets and the nature of the Enochian Angels. Shows how the angelic hierarchies relate to the Platonic cosmology. ALSO
describes a complete new system of attributes for the squares of the Tablets, to replace the G.D. attributes. Copious illustrations provided in.TIF format.

GRTTABLE.ZIP -- Picture of the complete Great Table (1587 revision) in CorelDraw and.EPS format.

HEBREWDB.ZIP -- a database of Hebrew words in dBase and tab-delimited text formats. Contains the word, it meaning, source, value, and value with "final" letters. Includes the entire contents of Crowley's
"plus all divine names listed in "LOTUS.ZIP -- A supplemental paper to "Describes a method of contacting extraterrestrial and extra-solar spheres using the Enochian Temple. The magickal record of a series of visions using the technique is included. Illustrations in.TIF format.

MACRORIT.ZIP -- An Enochian "macrocosmic" ritual, designed using the Platonic form of the Tablets described in".T. . Basic
instructions on the method, plus the magickal record of a series of visions resulting from the first use of the method.

T49.ZIP -- Pictures of Dee's "Tablet of the 49 Good Angels" in
CorelDraw and.EPS format.