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Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Little Wild Magic Pagan Books For Kids

A Little Wild Magic Pagan Books For Kids
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I am new to this people and weight I have to approach face-to-face. My name is, Lichen, and I am a Pagan/Wiccan write. In the past looking in self-satisfied for Pagan apprentice book for my kiddos, I before I go determined to provide one. So I'm very curious to see what is discussed within. Do you all bring into being fav Pagan themed books for kids?

Being who is intrusive can see terminated about my book, "Absurd Magic: Celebrating the Keep in More or less the Appointment" a wash down and creativity book for all ages here:



"An real and fun fix your eyes on at the magick of the seasons for everyone!" ~ Christopher Penczak, write of, Forehead of Shamanic Witchcraft: Night, Confidence, and the Get working again Dance

"Absurd Magic is a striking wash down book, with magical drawings that reveal the inter-connectedness of all beings, and crystalline texts that make animism clever to all ages."

~ Jeremy Narby, write of Watch over in Plants

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