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Monday, 10 May 2010

Invocation To Thorr

Invocation To Thorr Cover
Thor is the Norse god of thunder and lightning, and the most fearsome and powerful of the gods. He often killed giants by the bushels with his legendary hammer Mjollnir. The hammer itself became a pagan symbol in direct opposition to Christianity, as it had the appearance of an upside down cross. One of the funnier stories regarding Thor was when his hammer was stolen by the vicious giant Thrym. He would refuse to give it back unless Freya married him. Well Freya of course refused, so Thor, with much hesitation, decided to dress like a bride. Once the hammer was presented, Thor revealed himself and promptly killed Thrym and every other giant there, all while dressed as a bride. His death in Ragnarok was while killing the mightiest monster of them all, the World Serpant. After he slaid the serpant, he died shortly afterwards from his wounds. Thor continues to be the most remembered and greatest of the Norse gods to date.

Invocation To Thorr:

"Thorr, Red-beard, Join us.
Thorr, Son of Jord, Join us.
Thorr, Brother of Frigg, Join us.
Thorr, Father of Mdi, Join us.
Thorr, Father of Magni, Join us.
Thorr, Father of Thrdr, Join us.
Thorr, Husband of Sif, Join us.
Thorr, Jtunn bane, Join us.
Thorr, Foe of Irmungandr, Join us.
Thorr, Who bears Marriage Hallower, Join us.
Thorr, Who bears Death Hallower, Join us.
Thorr, Who wields Mjllnir, Join us.
Thorr, Defender of Asgard, Join us.
Thorr, Thunderer, Join us.
Thorr, Storm Lord, Join us.
Thorr, Your servant _______ calls you! Come to me NOW!

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