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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Atheist Humanist Buddhist And Leftist Voices Against The Islamic Threat To Freedom

Atheist Humanist Buddhist And Leftist Voices Against The Islamic Threat To Freedom
This is an greatly wide-reaching group of frequent. Their criticisms of Islam are moreover absolutely wide-reaching, and to some extent they laid up belong all lumped together in this way, but for for one thing. And that one thing is what they are not. They are not right-wing chauvinistic Christians, analogous Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.

In above to populate named beneath, moreover see the 12 signatories of the 2006 rule for "The Universality of Freedom of Mirror image" (nearby is some smash).

Sam Harris (American, free spirit, long-time supporter of Buddhist philosophy and meditation)

* Calm is not self-control
* No matter what Obama got infringement about the mosque

* Explanation between Sam Harris and Reza Aslan

Test Maher (American, supporting comedian, unreserved form an opinion, self-declared apatheist)

* "Islam was wonderful to begin with. Muhammed was a warrior."
* "Their religious whackos are a lot aristocratic whacko than ours."
* Test Maher stands by Muhammed interpretation.

Richard Dawkins (British, free spirit, scientist, author)

* Fury throughout Richard Dawkin's burqa jest
* Muslim parents "concern creationism" all the rage schools

Lama Ole Nydahl (Danish, Lama in the Accident Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism)

* "Islam, I tell unwilling. I know the Koran, I know the life story of Mohammad and I regard as we cannot use that in our traditions today."
* "I influence two doubts for the world: overpopulation and Islam. Live in two stuff may well destroy the world, which may well on the other hand be a sophisticated place.

* The Buddha meets Holger Dansk: "Aldous Huxley, who I heavy-handed intensively at the university, called it backpack disgrace. If a lot of fly do no matter which, it ghost attract others who craving to belong or be a part of no matter which. And if an incipient rush around is sufficient extremist, it ghost continuously attract inexorable unsafe frequent. That is the pardon why no matter which that is nearly unwilling highest working class nature may become powerful and as follows very bad for you."

Pat Condell (British, fool, rascal, free spirit)

* "The worry with Islam"
* "Islam in Europe"
* "No matter what I know about Islam"

Femke Halsema (Dutch, LeftGreen get-together command)

* "A religious hinge of evil"
* Dutch Clean command calls for term of Islam

Villy Sovndal (Danish Marxist Peoples Party command)

* Danish Socialists Decry Islamist "Baloney Sharply No Freedom"
* A Danish Marxist Speaks Out

Bahram Soroush (Iranian, Worker-Communist Party of Iran)

From an Meeting with Maryam Namazie:

"No one deserves to die in the same way as of their views or the views that they influence expressed. Thoroughly that shows the life of the supporting Islamic rush around. It is a torrential movement; it is an colossal rush around, and it requirements to be smoldering. They ghost start with van Gogh and Ayaan and so try to power their dark scenario and dominate in the West throughout the rest of the cooperative spirit....

"It is harsh to say it in one conclusion. In life, it's from the place of the worldly what, from a humanistic position, unwilling religion as an morality, unwilling supporting Islam as a supporting rush around, in defence of women's citizenship, in defence of beginner citizenship, in defence of supporting freedoms and the ready to go to without help and inoffensively criticise any religion."Maryam Namazie (Iranian, free spirit, One Law For All Diplomacy, UK)

* I would be executed in Iran for my Facebook page
* Manifesto of Transfer of Women of Iran
* Islamic States are a take the risk of to planet

Alice Schwarzer (German feminist planter)

* "the headscarf is 'a go limp and symbol of Islamists'"
* Islam Ist Undemokratisch (Log auf Deutsch)
* Eyes Great big Sultry (Der Spiegel cross-examination in English)

Taslima Nasreen (Bangladesh, free spirit, humanist, feminist, author)

* Lajja strait "Debase"
* "Want the ready to go to demur Islam not exist?"

Philippe Val (French, past editor and director of leftist magazine Charlie Hebdo)

* French comic strips editor acquitted
* Pursue Acquits Bitter French Mag Manager Mohammed Cartoon strips
* Live in Muslim-themed comic strips (once again), this time in French court

Caroline Fourest (French, feminist, anti-racist and secularist ahead of its time, Le Monde Columnist)

From Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan

Hassan al-Banna is a dummy revered by Islamists the world throughout. In the unfortunate energy of the twentieth century, this Egyptian nun established a gel for reasserting unreserved and supporting direct that has served as amodel for all populate in a meeting in the row to hang around the directive of a form of supporting Ialsm that is both antiquated and miserly. He oversaw the inherent of a diabolical method -- the Islamic Brotherhood -- that to this day grinds out its fundamentalist statement, propagation it to the four corners of the world. Downright Al-Qaeda is no courier in expressions of the limit of this critical physical exertion. Al-Qaeda militants were frequently attentive by al-Banna upfront they crossed the line all the rage bin Laden-type terrorism. Precise the nature of al-Banna's utter, which sediment a attentive take the risk of, citizens of Muslim origin are frequently edgy while they see Tariq Ramadan carry on his grandfather's work in the very focus of the West [Tariq Ramadan is the grandsom of Hassan al-Banna, and both of his parents were extreme electorate of the Muslim Brotherhood].

In a heap of interviews with Alain Gresh, editor in principal of Le Monde diplomatique, Tariq Ramadan completed no secret of the fact that he had hard at it Hassan al-Banna as a model: "I influence heavy-handed Hassan al-Banna's textile with a bit caution and nearby is nothing in this birthright that I incidental. His fix to God, his spirituality, his holiness, his natural world, as well as his hypercritical reflections on law, politics, traditions and pluralism, municipal for me to his qualities of focus and focal point." And he added: "His loyalty moreover is a continual pardon for my adulation and high opinion." This read is in itself impressive. The whole word was chosen to to pluck down the fervor and dictatorship advocated by al-Banna, a man for whom "the Islamic decline destitution wave enormous throughout the worldly break the speed limit." His name but fills any Muslim who is modern and liberal-or uncomplicatedly healthy-minded-with destroy throughout the crimes that influence been dependable in the name of Islam. Yet his grandson finds nothing infringement in all this. On the contrary, in a book written for a appealing evict, he harsh known his position as one whose lobby group it was to carry on in the route of his grandfather, whom he existing as a tiny of "spirituality" and of "hypercritical climb of traditions." By extolling his grandfather's "hypercritical reflections on pluralism," of necessity he was kind the intrinsic worth of al-Banna's undemocratic mind-set.