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Monday, 10 May 2010

Re Emergence Of Armstrongism Cult

Re Emergence Of Armstrongism Cult
Remember the Harsh Definite magazine. At the rear of Herbert Armstrong's death this cult seemed to stand quietened down, but now it seems to be re-emerging very on the internet and scheduled their new magazine. They stand changed their name from Macro Minster of God to Restored Minster of God and their hangings is now called Authentic truth in place of Harsh Definite. They are advertising as the "one true church".

For those who don't know why they are a cult they stand a website full of blasphemies about who Jesus is. For appearance they teach chary the Trinity and say that Jesus wholly became the Son of God in the wake of His renaissance from the dead and we Christians can wholly be born-again in the wake of our renaissance from the dead. It says He was conceived of the Sacred Principal at advantage but wholly became "born-again" at His renaissance. This is vulgarity of who Jesus is and the work of the Sacred Principal

In order to go ashore at such heresy Armstrong has to rebuff substantial chunks of scripture. One who with pleasure ignores scripture elegant this is a fraudster and storyteller. How can you dream whatsoever they say. Consequently, how do we know if they are easy-to-read the truth about whatsoever they nation-state as fact?

Armstrongism is well professional to be a cult from the Harsh Definite days. Jesus understood that a bad tree cannot possessions good fruit. If someone says that they teach some good bits and pieces, even though and very tattletale, lookout tower. How can you hope whatsoever which comes from a bad tree? It may stand some truth but assorted with litter. The net innocent person is it messes you up. If they buckle the tangy truth in the scriptures, how can you dream them in whatsoever they say?This is their own webpage which shows up this heresy