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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Cma Samhain 2009

Cma Samhain 2009
On-line registration for CMA Samhain 2009 is now live!

CMA Samhain 2009

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Oct 15-18th

We've got some excellent events lined up this festival, from our traditional Ancestors Web to an OTO Mass. Walk the Labyrinth, dance to the drums, move to the rhythm of your heart. Join the kids at Faerie Mound for the family harvest festival or put on your dancing shoes for the Masked Ball. Check out a poetry reading with guest poet Larissa Magboo or a lecture with Dr Stephen Flowers. With our wide variety of workshops, rituals and events, we have a little something for everyone.

Registration is open through September 15th:

Adult ticket: 65

Kids 13+: 40

Kids 12 and under: free!

Daypasses: 40

Log-in through "members area" to access to the secure members page. Paper registration forms are also available online or through your local area rep!

If you do not remember your log-in or password please email us at or by calling 888-683-4236. If your membership has expired, you may not be able to log in. We deactivate memberships to save money 30 days after they expire since we pay for active memberships at Member Clicks. Email us at the above address and we will reactivate your membership so you may renew. We will endeavor to get an answer back to you within 36 hours.

The form design has changed to make it easier to use, less complicated and new options have been added for selection.

*MERCHANTS you now have a special form just for you! Check online for the special Vendors Form.

*If you are requesting to be included in the work exchange program, please email the for information.

Payment is not due until Sept 15, 2009, so please register early to help us in planning for the event.

The regular pagan pay out plan is no longer available. If you need to pay out the fee in installments, please contact the registrar at for information on installment pay out.

We always welcome Constructive Criticism of the registration form.

Distribute at will!

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