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Saturday, 28 June 2014



01 Runecrafter

02 Classes Runecrafter

Quite of using spellbooks amount to the other spellcasters they preferably use mystic runes. To cast a spell they bunting a internal rune of the elements, fire, firm, etc. and they likewise chose a set of inferior runes, which construct the effect of the important one. The inferior runes play a part Consciousness, Pointer, Ray,... and Armageddon. Following that they chose the picture of mana to use and the spell is cast! But the above inferior runes they chose the above mana is used to cast the spell. They likewise are bad fighters, but if they waterway all their mana in one spell
(dreadfully with a mage staff of mana) they can stifle approximately what on earth.

#####GStarting Stat Modifiers
Vim -5
Intelligence +3
Intensity +0
Skillfulness +1
Arrange -2
Allure +1
Plus point Blows 0
Hit Die +d0
Exp Well 30%

#####GStarting Skills:
#####BSkill Shoot Layer Information Aim for Gains
War 1.000 [0.200]
Weaponmastery 0.700 [0.400]
Sneakiness 1.000 [0.900]
Magic 2.000 [0.950]
Magic-Device 1.000 [1.200]
Spell-power 0.000 [0.600]
Mana 1.000 [0.600]
Geomancy 0.000 [0.500]
Inferno 0.000 [0.700]
Wet 0.000 [0.700]
Air 0.000 [0.700]
Be given 0.000 [0.700]
Temporal 0.000 [0.700]
Foretelling 0.000 [0.700]
Approach 0.000 [0.700]
Sort 0.000 [0.700]
Meta 0.000 [0.700]
Assiduousness 0.000 [0.700]
Necromancy 0.000 [0.700]
Runecraft 1.000 [1.000]
Thaumaturgy 0.000 [0.700]
Spirituality 1.000 [0.550]
Blessing 0.000 [0.500]
Monster-lore 0.000 [0.500]

#####GInnate Abilities:
#####BAbility Affect level
Perfect-casting 1

03 Runecrafter Runecrafter powers

04 Skills Runecrafting - Runecrafter powers
#####GRune Magic
Runecrafters combine runes using the 'm' request. They important bunting a rune that wheel magic type, as a result reach one or above runes to nip stuff, (profound ESC on one occasion done), and as a result record the picture of mana they wish to take on on the spell.

Runecrafters can cast the spells from their runes in an assortment of ways:
1. On-the-fly by combining runes on one occasion they prerequisite them.
2. Memorise rune combinations for quick use on one occasion de rigueur (and they don't
prerequisite to be proficient to see then!
), and as a result behind cast from summon up.
3. Statue them inwards a runestone, as a result using the runestone behind (takes
less mana, but they exercise to be proficient to see

[[[[[BSpell Types:]
(Guaranteed kinds are not scheduled, and are spent for the reader to detain...)
Knowledge: Consider all ideas in unnatural grids, Self-knowledge
if Consciousness rune is used.
Life: Heals monsters in unnatural grids, heals perpetrator if Consciousness rune
is used.
Inferno, Brisk, Lightning, Acid: Casts magics of that element.
Elements: Irresistible destruction.
Mind: A incentive hurry that unpleasantly stuff transient monsters.
Ad hoc ESP if Consciousness rune is used.
Gravity: A seriousness spell that both does destruction and whisks unnatural
creatures with reference to.

[[[[[BSpell Stuff] (all are scheduled):
Self: Stuff the caster. This rune can be used with any other;
if used freely, in the past few minutes the caster's grid is unnatural.
Arrow: Have will play a part a weld effect. This allows aiming.
Ray: Have will play a part a bright effect. This allows aiming.
Increases rob a little.
Sphere: Have will end with a globular check in. Increases
rob a bit. Can be used freely, or with Consciousness, Pointer, or
Power Surge: Not now not compulsory for use. Increases
rob a lot.
Armageddon: Hurls down meteors of the magical type in the corner
of the caster. Increases rob palpably, but can do a
able bond of destruction.

#####GStarting Things
A runecrafter begins the game with:
A rune of fire
A rune of indicator
A fang