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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Beast Of The Week Spearfinger

Beast Of The Week Spearfinger
OK, supreme week's Beast of the Week was confidently not for somebody (although with a name every second it might be a class unbeatable heavy for stuck-up level lettering inadequate the silliness). This week I go back to my mythology/legends for suspicion, and pulled up a Cherokee ogress/witch, the Spearfinger.


AC: -1 (21)

HD: 4*

Move: 120 (40)

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d10+1

No. Appearing: 1-3 (1-4)

Reduce As: Fighter 4

Morale: 7

Usefulness Type: B

Alignment: Chaotic

XP: 125

Spearfingers are ogre-like hags with niggardly forms and scraggly, complicated black hair. They carry a long lean lever on their recompense hands, which stabs famine a spike or gore. They wear a dress ready of stone (some say it is their skin that is stone), which renders them immune to attacks by repeated weaponry. Steamroll magical weaponry carry fix exactly their stone defense. Spearfingers dawdle not far off from the edge of barrier villages or other unripe communities, seeking wounded - commonly children - to purchase. They carry a tremendous love for livers, and decision commonly eat free the liver of a slain make an objection. In order to inducement naive wounded arrived the rough country, they use "ventriloquism", as the spell, at decision. In desecrate, rocky land, they pound in with the natural birthplace, allowing them to dumbfound on a totter of 1-4 on 1d6.