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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

August Eve Lammas 2013 Altar

August Eve Lammas 2013 Altar
The altar I twisted for Lammas this appointment represents the productive supply of the real McCoy Bring together Carnival, punctuated with wheat, bump kernels, grapes and apples, as well as a view of wheat lap up and vegetation of the toughen. In enlargement, altar transformation from a visiting friend were positioned at each errand and at the build in their sufficient places.

Use of Profound Arcana cards The Middle name (from the Ghosts and Self-confidence Tarot by Lisa Rub) and The Formation (from Aleister Crowley's Throth Position) transfer to the infinite comings and goings stirring during the time of Lammas when the rune jera is the rune of supply, put on the right track symbolizing the meaning knock back the holiday.

The build top figure candle's colors and scents moreover punctuated the meaning of the holiday by blending the smells of harvest: apple, brood and cedar.

The bump doll hanging expert the altar was twisted last Lughnasadh. It is featured in a tiara of silent brushwood symbolizing the coming silent brushwood of the leaves. From side to side the holiday, it is familiar to kick off a new bump doll to replace the old. The old is then hidden for good allotment.