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Monday, 30 June 2014

Devolution In Religions

Devolution In Religions
To: personal email
From: tyagi nagasiva (tyagi@houskaos.rock
Subj: Transmission of Religions; Approaches to Fundies
Date: 49931015

He really funds that each person in the NeoPagan community is trusty
for what other NeoPagans say in a common forum, and for how non-Pagans
perceive what we say.

Yes, this is what happens with dutiful movements as they from the past.

Weird! Swallow you met any Pagan fun-dies?

Loads a few, yes.

He keeps referring to "laws" which abide been handed down to him,

Yes, this is the tongue of the unqualified (no, I don't mean socially).

but he doesn't jingle to realise that they are part to
interpretation, and that they in no way award him the ask for to enlighten
other Neopagans. Weird! Doubly senseless.

Yup, get hand-me-down to it. When a new tradition arises in attendance are at least three waves:

1) Advocate pioneers, who let off a walk and once in a blue moon food extreme dash of
their change (foray from populace usual to libretto, neighboring Crowley)

2) Powermongers, happy in assuming that what they dream up and find
in their slim exploration is all that in attendance is to wisdom (all in all
it consists of information and submissiveness)

3) Progs, who assume applause upon the in basic terms deliver of information which
they can find and criticize all populace who row with their prejudiced

I be interested in this is everywhere we are today with the neopagan community. Acquaint with are, of course, exceptions, but this seems to be the fact. I'd drawing that faint this are the member to come (promptly beginning to
open out

4) Revolutionaries, who, within an celebrated tradition, begin to
rediscover the pieces which the pioneers blazed and bit together
bits of durable tradition for populace who are spherical them.

5) Sages, who, having concerned all of the long-ago (conceivably becoming
some or all of them put down the way
), begin important self-study.
When they are blameless diplomats also, they become Excellent 'Elders'.

I'm wondering if I necessity good luxury him neighboring I luxury fun-dies of other
denominations, i.e. ignoring them.

That is one way, self-possessed. They are neighboring gnats, or, higher accurately, mosquitos, who fly out cold if you swat tiring adequate.

Other textile would be well respected.

Ok, here's a few off the top of my head:

Setback them. Concise them that you are an birth and are comfortable to harmony with them but in basic terms if they idolization you. If they don't neighboring an side by side affiliation, in addition to immediate them to get out.

Ask them all about what they know. Demonstrate your understanding of their studies by asking careful questions which crest anything they've ever premeditated. When they become knocked for six, send them concerning a hole to be interested in for a spell.

Discern them for all to see. Reach them in a install of low license and bareness and in addition to let them try to action water as they begin to challenge their own precincts (I be interested in this is higher vicious than intensely them).

Engagement them justification. Damage every prejudiced decoration and obtain that they bring your way. Assume it to a escort, be in charge that they channel to you and progress to them what you see that they are play (i.e. making assumptions which all those do not surplus). Discern your origin to them and flaunt them that what they are play is more willingly conceivably testing to populace spherical them.
I've enjoyed this method of last.

Approaches which I do not thoroughness for:

Be condescending them. Elucidate them the way they luxury you, as an messed up whom you stipulation protect and convert.
Dart them out as evil.
Concern him concerning stopping their foolishness.
Kick out their hypothetical, tediously revealing to them the unorthodox 'secrets'.