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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Heroesofkarn Sol

Heroesofkarn Sol


I dine at odds the unquestionable popular sections, each final with the confession of one of the four heroes...


(You begin to the east of a infected villa) W, GET TINDERBOX, E, S, E (the gypsy king tells you to find a mirror), E, E, GET BIBLE, W, W, W, W, S, Finale BARROWIGHT When BIBLE, GET Go against, N, E, S (you are captured & fasten down up), Have a say Go against TO Guard (he unlocks the entry *and* gives you a key. Clear guy!), GET KEY, E, GET Ardor, GET Center, E, E, N, GET Cast, S, W, W, U, GET Glue, N, N, N, E, E, E, Flimsy GAS When TINDERBOX (the frog blows up!), GET FROG, KISS FROG (it turns out to be king Beren!)


W, W, W, S, S, S, W, Nose-dive TINDERBOX, BEREN;GET SWORD, E, N, N, N, E, E, E, E, Have a say Ardor TO Corrosion (it surge sound asleep), E, E (you basic yield the key for the doors to be open), S, GET Beaker, W, S, BEREN;GET BIRD (in the extend), S, BEREN;ATTACK SERPENT When BIRD (the serpent dies), W, GET Container, E, Nose-dive Container (to stop that it shatters), W, Fraud Beaker (the crystal shatters, deliverance the wizard Istar)


E, N, W, N, Nose-dive BIRD, GET SCROLL, ISTAR,Take to mean SCROLL ("Orion" tendency bring you from the star room), Nose-dive SCROLL, ISTAR;GET Man, S, E, N, E, S, ISTAR;WAVE Man (a crystal conduit is formed spanning the aperture but a balrog is prevention look after series), Fraud Beaker (this kills the balrog), ISTAR;WAVE Man (now you may steadfastly get the pot), Nose-dive BIBLE, N, W, S, S, GET Container, N, N, E, S, S, D, GET Point toward, N, N, Finale DRAGON When SWORD, Nose-dive SWORD, GET Cerulean, W, S, Nose-dive Beaker, GET Colorless Mix, Drink Colorless Mix (the allows you to go fluff firegates), N, GET BOX, N, W, W, Civic BOX (it emits a publicity of garland that blows the vapors out cold - you find a claret), Nose-dive BOX, GET Maroon, S, GET Sea (from the cascade), E, S, Sea Residue (the phoenix won't strife you now), N, W, GET Sea, E, S, S, Overwhelm WITCH When Sea (she dies), N, N, W, GET Sea, E, S, S, W, Sea Promote (it grows), E, N, N, W, GET Sea, E, S, S, W, Sea Promote (now it's climbable!), U, Nose-dive COPPER KEY, GET Voucher, D, E, N, N, W, N, W, ORION (you're teleported to the villa), Nose-dive Maroon, Nose-dive Cerulean, E, E, S, Have a say Point toward TO ANTON (he too requirements some silver...), Have a say Voucher TO ANTON (you basic inspect an instrument in the hall of time without end), N, W, W, ORION (you return), E, E, E, GET Prickly (in the pot), W, W, W, S, W, W, Overwhelm KNIGHT When Prickly (he dies very excruciatingly), W, N, GET MANDOLIN, S, E, E, N, Overwhelm HYDRA When Glue (it dies), W, GET Gold bars KEY, Fraud MANDOLIN (your point of view clears - you may firmness anew), E, S, E, N, E, S, E, S, S, W, U (if you dine the gold key the gates tendency be open), N, ISTAR;WAVE Man (the spirit vanishes), W, S, Have a say Center TO FALCON (it'll come with you), BEREN;GET FALCON, N, Nose-dive Man, GET Entangle (a key is groundwork it), Nose-dive Entangle, GET JEWELLED KEY, W, S, Nose-dive MANDOLIN, GET Pointed tooth, GET Guard (you may teleport to the villa from stylish), N, E, E, S, D, E, N, E, S, BEREN;ATTACK BAT When FALCON (the bat is killed), Nose-dive Glue, GET Cross, N, Nose-dive Gold bars KEY, GET Beaker (which you dropped stylish nearer), N, N, W, GET OIL (in the pot), W, W, S, W, W, W, Civic Tomb, Overwhelm Parasite When Cross (you dine found Haldir!)


N, Nose-dive FALCON, Nose-dive Cross, GET LYRE, S, S, GET CROWBAR, N, E, Nose-dive Container, E, Nose-dive Guard, Fraud Beaker (the olive flower lands safe and sound on the soften), GET Blossom, W, GET Container, E, E, N, E, E, E, S, E, N (you can behind the times like the dragon is dead), HALDIR;PLAY LYRE (the spider slumbers off), OIL Casket (you brought the bottle?), Civic Casket (the subsist icon, Khadim, climbs out!)


Nose-dive Container, GET Diamond, S, W, W, S, W, W, W, KHADIM;KILL Pirate When Pointed tooth, Nose-dive LYRE, GET MAP, ISTAR;READ MAP (room of the wet behind the ears), Nose-dive MAP, GET Shovel, E, S, Civic CLAM When CROWBAR, Nose-dive CROWBAR, GET Nugget, W, DIG (you find the rear treasure!), Nose-dive Shovel, GET Jade, W, U, N, N, N, W (persistent with all four heroes, and the rhombus, cerulean, pearl, wet behind the ears, claret, and olive flower, you dine won the game!)

Note: This solutions follows the Spectrum newspaper. If you're playing the (insanely enduring) C64 newspaper, you requirement correlate with species in the later fashion: say to Label "bla bla bla" - the name requirement begin with a bank account)

Jacob Gunness - 1993


C64 - say to Beren "set enslaved songbird on serpent" offer bag of gold to Guard say to Beren "open clam" (may penury to dine crowbar on you) say to Istar
"crash into vampire with silver go over" say to Beren "set falcon on vampire bat" like back at villa, topple soften former dropping olive flower