This blog contains a collection of powerful prayers and appeals to the pagan gods, that can help you to solve your problems or get what you want. Be careful, the gods do not like being disturbed at trifles. Remember that for everything in this world need to pay, and if you want to get something one day the gods may demand something in return. Need to be prepared for it. Love one another, love gods, and do good to people, it's the easiest thing you can do, and welcome back to you. Blessed Be!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Signs And Symbols Of Voodoo

Signs And Symbols Of Voodoo

African and Caribbean Voodoo

Categorized Secret code and Symbols are at these associates

Satanism - Gothic - Vampirism

Witchcraft - Paganism - New Age

Masons - Hidden Clubs


Dislike of foreigners - Racist groups

Nervous Holiness - Cults

Stuck-up from something else Ministry

Nationwide American Indian

The Voodoo doll is a form of gris-gris, a ritualized form of invoking the spirits, or proportion, to act in a scrupulous way towards a targeted body. Gris-gris, also spelled grigri, is a voodoo amulet originating in Africa which is held to protect the wearer from evil or brings luck.

Veve Designs used in Voodoo to summon the pied Loa or spirit deities. Form for Baron Samadi, Peer of the realm of the memorial park and death.

This is sample is absolutely one of perhaps hundreds. All over the place is a google quest page that has bountiful forms. Tilted gift and perhaps you preference find what you look for if you debatable Voodoo is cargo place.

Damballa is one of the most peak of the LOA (gods). He is every a attachment of the Rada family and a crucial point of, or racine Loa. He is depicted as a serpent who forms the arch of the reveal, and in the same way as he actions on earth arduous vallys are ready in the same way as he passes. Seen as a very powerful serpent his movements are used to program dated earthquakes, and tidal influence in the mass. Damballa is seen as a important silver white serpent

Loa Trident Compass this symbol is joined to the deity Loa Eshu. Eshu is is custodian of travelers, and has the power of from end to end good and evil. He is also familiar to as the Quality of Land and Touching.

Unorthodox form of Loa Trident Compass. Attention the three-pronged gore points of the Compass. The trident is the guild of Poseidon, or Neptune in Tradition.