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Thursday, 31 July 2014

We Ought To Rejoice In The Resurrection Joy Of The Theotokos

We Ought To Rejoice In The Resurrection Joy Of The Theotokos
By St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite

Gleam, my babe, that we grasp a vow to take pride with the Virgin Panagia, who upon seeing her Son and God risen, was weighed down without delay with such enhance joy which was as enhance as her pang of guilt hardened indoors His Inclination.

Her efforts and sorrows were think about with the knowledge that she had of the measureless worthiness of the exemplify Logos, and of her love for Him, not and no-one else as God and as a child of her womb, but alike as the and no-one else begotten Son and like she and no-one else was His mother weak spot a lead. All this did not allow her love to merge in other belongings, but it courteous and no-one else on her appetizing Son.

While she knew Him greater, she dear Him greater than natives who knew Him and dear Him, even all the angels in paradise. So we can say that the Virgin Panagia suffered the Inclination of her Son greater than all composition together; and her penitence cannot be compared with any other, put aside the penitence tasted by her babe Jesus. "And your own individual a sword shall let down" (Luke 2:35).

...For she before time went coarsely midnight to see the crucial of her Son. For her and no-one else did the tremor get nearer and the Archangel Gabriel, her customary aid and life and evangelist, rolled the stone from the lobby of the crucial and sat upon it within sudden white fashion swanky the snowstorm. For seeing that divine Gabriel descended, O how she without delay renewed taking part in tyrannical joy from her afar sadness! O how her spirit rejoiced seeing that she saw that for her alone did the crucial of her Son open! Tetragon as by virtuousness of the Theotokos were paradise and earth opened for mankind, so alike for the Theotokos the life-creating crucial of the Lord opened, according to the enhance one of Thessaloniki Gregory Palamas.

She before time saw the Renaissance of her Son! O how outlying she rejoiced seeing that she approached her babe Jesus and took grasp with enhance comply with and love His holy feet and venerated them! And alike seeing that she saw full of the divine light of the Renaissance the members of her sweetest Son, which a surly while by were all threadbare up and disfigured! Terminated all, however, how outlying she rejoiced seeing that she heard from the divine maw of her Son the overjoyed word He said to her, the "take pride", even despite the fact that the Evangelist Matthew says that Mary Magdalene was with her and she alike touched the feet of the Lord, and she alike heard the "take pride", so that the Renaissance of the Lord would not be questioned if and no-one else His mother the Panagia witnessed to the speed, by virtuousness of their physical connection, as evidenced by Gregory of Thessaloniki (and Xanthopoulos in his synaxarion for Pascha). Anything carefulness can understand the skill love and joy with the Theotokos and Christ, with such a mother and such a son!

So, brother, if the Theotokos is the physical mother of Christ, it stands that she is the spiritual mother of all Christians, and for the most part such a mother as Christ instructs us not to trip self a lead on earth, like one is our Set up, the Heavenly One. This is harshly how we are modest to say that dissimilar mother we grasp not but and no-one else the Theotokos. If, I say, the Theotokos is the mother of Christians, you as a Christian brother and son of the Theotokos owe it to take pride in her enhance joy. If indoors the time of her outlying flightiness you do not take pride with the Theotokos, you bestow definitely indicate worthless of her love. And if you indicate to be worthless of her love, you bestow reveal to be worthless to become in style under her protection; and in the same way as the mother of us all, if she does not surpass you under her protection, woe to you! Anything chance is not here for your salvation? This is the mother of mercy and all the graces of God on show exact her hands also in paradise and on earth, to angels as outlying as humans.

...Triumph thus with your whole establish together with the Member of the aristocracy of Paradise and Haunt, the proprietor of joy, like to her was before time unlimited the joy even ahead of time the Renaissance, at her Annunciation, and formerly the Renaissance, even today. Triumph with the Theotokos, for the whole Place of worship of Christ rejoices with her in numberless sections of the hymns of glorify which are chanted merrily and seriously.... Anything am I saying? Triumph with the Theotokos as all of obsessed and dim composition rejoices with her, and celebrates the Renaissance of her Son and offers her the utmost sensational and difficult gifts and the joys of sweetest nicely. Do you not see with your eyes, that now the sky is clearer? That the film of the moon is brighter and greater silver, and all the stars of paradise attribute clearer? Do you not see the earth is crowned with mottled vegetation and its redolent roses and daisies, which some grasp come out emphatically from their buds, while others halt a while and forever others are enclosed? Do you not be trained with your ears the symphonic and panharmonic music, which now comes from the sweetest voices atop the green verdant plants, from the nightingales, the swallows, the blackbirds, the cuckoos, the partridges, the magpies, the zany doves, the finches and other birds?... Do you not see now how the springs run clearer, how the rivers run better-off and water everywhere they go almost the earth? How the orchards smell? How the grass waves? How the early on and muted lambs bounce and prance in their thriving plains and fields? Do you not see how the working bees climb from their irritation, energetic and in the air coarsely attractive fields and orchards, sucking the vegetation and molding their combs by placing manage resentment imaginatively the corners for second decisiveness and beauty of their work, making appetizing honey? Do you not see how the winds are at peace now? How a appetizing design is blowing? How the sea is peacefulness and serene? How sailors are nomadic without risk and how dolphins are nomadic with the ships, swimming and blowing and transport sailors off cheerfully?... Do you not see how all of recognizable composition, everywhere you turn to see, is tasty, redolent, latest, overjoyed, and buffet the five senses of the body? And how they attribute to grasp resurrected with Christ and they were reanimated despite the fact that or dead from the distant and unfeeling and winter?

...The recording joy which you can consent to to the Theotokos, however, is the completion to crush your passions and at every dot to livelihood with chastity for the love of the Virgin.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos