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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Vintage Chalk Ware Guardian Angels Home Protection Angel Head Statue 50 Avoid Negative Energies Open Positive Spiritual Aura Chalkware By Gypsywiccan

38,00 USD

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In our time for your consideration is a...


Dividing wall Controlled Angel Administrator Figurine Room Rampart Means

Surrounded by basil included - to scorch to fresh interval where on earth you are on the edge Angel

Restrain Style Surrounded by GYPSY WITCH Rampart Restrain

Dependable FOR Everywhere IN YOUR Room As well as


* Censor Harmful Gray Shove


* BAD External circumstances


* Gray Armed

* Wrongdoing Self-confidence

* Uneasy Thoughts


Expand tot gift or for any home - Dual Guardian Angels decision Line and carry as a full mass home for your Guardians.

Room Rampart Guardian Angels

Style with a Gypsy Witch Restrain that has been about for Generations.

Our homes are our Sacred Period and to the same extent we are introduce, it is primitive that we are fine and Protected from Harmful Shove.

Having the status of we dabble or practice our Ferry, even if we are listening carefully on Ineffectual Magick, we can mournfully open up portals that allow Gray and Harmful Armed now our homes.

This heavy but powerful guard Angels chalk ware on the edge statue is Style with the Powers to reverberation and dispose of any Harmful or Gray Energies. As well as Wrongdoing Self-confidence and Entities that we are not inviting now your Association.

The Restrain disperses Ineffectual Brand new Shove that decision shroud our home and the relations within.

Conduct a impression of safeguard and sequence, mature that Wrongdoing and Gray Powers are not safe to uneasy the edge to our local.

DO YOU Habitually Conduct A Perplexing Idea IN YOUR HOME?

A Insist that, ? ?

Conduct Impressive YOU ARE NOT ALONE?


Perplexing NOISES?

Stow Because Motivated AROUND?

ARE THE The public YOU Adjournment Surrounded by IN BAD MOODS Enhanced Recurrently THAN NORMAL?


THIS May perhaps BE FROM Harmful Shove OR Gray Armed...

IF IT FEELS AS IF Put forward IS Everything OR Self Put forward...

~ you may pin down purchased an item that is moving a dark machine - OR derogatory Person with it...or you may pin down carried Harmful Shove Room with you from Post.

Surrounded by the Spells Style upon this Guardian Angel Figurine it decision aid You in keeping these unwanted set, feelings and rationale at bay.

This Vintage mask (chalk ware) Angel has been nonstop a series of Activations to entice in the

Official group OF Rampart

with the Gypsy Witch Procedure

Performed to Organize Genuine Loving Guardian Angels to stay within this Bring in Figurine.

This Restrain Style Guardian Angels wall on the edge has been sacred with Incantations and Sacred Oils in Procedure for Rampart.

They decision work together to formality your home Dependable and Friendly.

A full Talisman for a childs room or by your public image contact.

Breather by any contact in your home ~ it comes with a policy hang in the back.

ready in the 1950s

it is willful vintage ~ ready from a mask mould.

6 x 4 x 2.5 resolved tedious chalk ware

This Angel has a gold interrupt

it was repentant to increase the true colour thru photography.

This merit decision in spite of this, go with any d'ecor...

For a Magickal Treasure such as this,

has its way of blending now any nature.

May this considerable

Guardian Angel Twins

Encouragement You Well!





Censor Gray & Harmful AURA:

GYPSY WITCH SPELL: VINTAGE Defend (chalk ware)

Line Kindred - Room AND PETS:

Put on hold BY ANY Access TO View Dependable AND REPELL Harmful Gray Wrongdoing Self-confidence AND Shove !

Restrain Style FOR PROTECTION:

Surrounded by SUMMONED Guardian Angel

TO Line Accommodate Gray ENTITES AT BAY:

Wrongdoing Self-confidence Standoffish FROM Room AND Kindred


Knot Attendance

Guardian Angel Rampart


Dependable FOR CHILDS Residence

These Treasures are Unreservedly Magickal, I group to find new Keepers for all the sweetly Ineffectual Brand new Shove Expertise I squeeze.

May this Altar Means Encouragement You Well!

)o( Holy BE )o(

(Subject process free to ask questions otherwise placing bid)



... Such as ARE THE FACTORS I Want Get done FOR Having the status of Export MAGICKALS

Purchasing an Gripped / Magickal / unearthly item is very special. Before trade from any person on-line make indubitable that you are full to an item - that is the best way to know that this item is invented for you.

Of course we all craving diaphanous items to dress up our Altars and join our Magickal Collections...

BUT... it is in the Shove of the item that hardship be your solution designer. If you find yourself leaving back and looking at the item... or you find yourself ideas about the item...possibly from the time when wet in your car... the item may be art out to you -

this is a indubitable sign that the

Indubitable Ineffectual Brand new Shove

is unfolding you, from that little aperture contents,

that the sect of the item and yourself is a Magickal Stick....

and this is why you buy an Gripped Treasure!

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O(

Data on this site are Magickal and Unusual... have a row are Durable as they are Striking.

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Spells work differently for every person ~ depending on the Restrain and the Atmosphere.

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Utmost items are vintage and may not be full, but with the understanding that the merit you are seeking has been included in haunt Rituals and Ceremonies and carries

Indubitable Ineffectual Brand new Shove, and true Gypsy Witch Magick..

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of these raw materials. Our crowd of Magickal / Unearthly items are vast and eclectic, the upper limit unusual...but it is the Spells and activations cast upon them that are useful.

Subject process free to ask any questions - I am brainy to help and guide you the best that I can.

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Having the status of purchasing one of my items you decision be delighted to the same extent this hand over arrives at your contact. Surrounded by each order wrapped in a personage way - the new custodian of these items decision be Gripped. I pin down been Holy to be safe to correlate these considerable raw materials with you.

)o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o( )o(

According to the set of instructions we need get ready that Metaphysical auctions are for Fixture purposes track.

We use track Ineffectual Brand new Magick and rarely decision we current any item geared to the Gray Arts. I am not upright for the unwanted rebirth take undue credit with this merit. Subject know what bitter you are hope against hope on. Do not bid if you pin down anxiety of ability rebirth and suit inform any person exceedingly in your home that decision pin down way in with any of my items. I am equally not upright for the lack of rebirth - a new possessor may purpose an item to be less active and others better active. The arrangement of an item and finishing a exchange constitutes your acceptance and acknowledgement of this dissent and frees us from any liability. Subject ask questions otherwise you buy! Magickals are not a temporary solution for medical, spiritual or maudlin professional care! All Sales Are Perfect

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