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Monday, 21 July 2014

Saint Ioannikios The New Of Romania 1638

Saint Ioannikios The New Of Romania 1638
Saint Ioanichie the New (Public holiday Day - July 26)

Saint Ioannikios (Ioanichie) the New was natural of religious parents from Muscel in Romania. From a wet behind the ears age he rejected selfish ideas and was pulled towards Cetatuia Monastery. For fifty existence Saint Ioannikios lived in somberness in a hole on Swell Negru Voda. His sober efforts, prayers for the whole world, his fasting, and his moan were covered with mystery. Deserted like a week a priest would come to bring him bread and water. Extremely the abbot of the monastery would come very smoothly to bring him Spiritual Communion for him to acknowledge.

Saint Ioannikios the New was the spiritual guide of the bulky prince Michael the Brave (1593-1601) and the supreme ruler Matei Basarab.

The priest Ioannikios foresaw the appointment of his moderation (1638) and adorned it on the upper wall of the hole.

In 1944 Fr. Poimin Barbieri, abbot of the Cetatuia - Negru Voda Skete, as it was then called, was lowered train a hole wearing the hole, usable a sheer wall fourteen meters high, such as knock down him offer was a bluff one hundred feet hard-wearing. Toward the inside the hole with the priest Isidore, he found disloyalty on a stone the what's left of Saint Ioannikios. On a granite he found stamped in Cyrillic letters: "Ioannikios priest, 1638".

The what's left of the Saint remained in a chapel of the Cetatuia Monastery from 1944 until 1948. That appointment they inherent him usable the outlet of the church.

In 1996 the chancellor was capable by the contained hierarchy to build a new cemetery formerly he refound the what's left of the Saint.

In this day and age the what's left are in the Cetatuia Monastery. He was canonized by the Spiritual Synod of the Religious of Romania in June of 2009. His commemoration is recognized on July 26.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos