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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Shamanic Witch By Gail Wood

Shamanic Witch By Gail Wood
Shamanic practice seeks healing and wisdom from realms that be on both sides of the custom world. The use of fraud and animal medicines, glimpse quests, trance work, and ceremonies to heal one`s self and others are the
foundations of shamanism. So too, Wicca and witchcraft use the magic and drug of plant life, natural world, and other realms. By learning to include the practices of shamanism, the witch can improve on his or her natural abilities as healer and fall through of call quash.

The Shamanic Witch outlines the diverse similarities between the art of shamanism and the craft of the Witch and explores how the overlapping of these two traditions can be used to improve on one`s practice. Someplace witchcraft brings the belief and religion, Shamanism brings the skills.
Sections include: Facts the Conception of the shaman, Creatures and Drive of Long-standing Realms, Emergent a Shamanic Groom, The Toolkit of the Shamanic Practitioner, The Realms of the Witch, and Melding Worlds: Fit the Witch-Shaman. This is a 244 page softcover book.