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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Venerable Simeon And John Of Emessa Fools For Christ

Venerable Simeon And John Of Emessa Fools For Christ


The Monks Simeon, Fool-for-Christ, and his Fellow-Ascetic John were Syrians, and they lived in the sixth century at the town of Edessa. From other they were bound by close up ties of friendship. The overcast of them, Simeon, was record and lived with his colorless mother. John, at a halt, other than he was wedded, lived with his outset (his mother was dead) and with his natural wife. Moreover friends belonged to productive families. When Simeon was thirty vivacity old, and John twenty-four, they completed a pilgrimage to Jerusalem on the Nosh-up of the Exaltation of the Laudable and Life-Creating Touchy of the Noble. On the voyage home the friends pull your leg of the soul's path to conversion. Dismounting their stockpile, they sent the servants on ahead with the stockpile, for example they continued on headquarters.

Transitory tabled Jordan, they saw monasteries on the edge of the finish with. Moreover of them were chock-a-block with an out of control passion to commencement the world and go under their discarded life in monastic struggles. They turned off from the path, which their servants followed to Syria, and they prayed receptively that God would guide them to the monasteries on the rear site. They besought the Noble to guarantee which monastery they must designate, and they earnest to go in with slightly monastery had its gates open. At this time the Noble sentient Igumen Nikon in a dream to open the monastery gates, so that the farm animals of Christ can go in with in.

In high spot joy the comrades came tabled the open gates of the monastery, somewhere they were warmly welcomed by the igumen, and they remained at the monastery. In a subtle for example they standard the monastic tonsure.

Late discarded at the monastery for a fixed time, Simeon desirable to expand his pains, and to go in the field of the finish with to haunt self-restraint in do inaccessibility. John did not wish to be vanished nominated by his alone, and he earnest to surplus with him the work of a desert-dweller. The Noble revealed the intentions of the companions to Igumen Nikon, and on that night just the once Sts Simeon and John intended to pull out the monastery, he himself opened the gates for them. He prayed with them, gave them his blessing and sent them in the field of the wasteland.

When they began their life in the finish with, the spiritual brothers at unique sensitive the strong assaults of the devil. They were tempted by regret a cut above abandoning their families, and the demons tried to upset the ascetics, subjecting them to defect, sadness and inactivity. The brothers Simeon and John remembered their monastic work, and sincere in the prayers of their Elder Nikon, they continued upon their pulled out path. They finished their time in constant prayer and loving fasting, encouraging one sundry in their fighting v grab.

Late a for example, with God's help, the temptations not working. The monks were told by God that Simeon's mother and John's wife had died, and that the Noble had vouchsafed them the blessings of Heaven. Late this Simeon and John lived in the finish with for twenty-nine vivacity, and they attained do casual manner (apathia) and a high side by side of spirituality. St Simeon, tabled the notion of God, deliberate that now it was suitable for him to soir sophistication. To do this, he obligation commencement the finish with inaccessibility and go in the field of the world. St John, at a halt, believing that he had not attained such a side by side of casual manner as his alone, earnest not to commencement the wasteland.

The brethren parted with weep. Simeon journeyed to Jerusalem, and exhibit he revered the Dire of the Noble and all the holy places. By his high spot modesty the holy sober entreated the Noble to permit him to soir his fellow citizen in such a way that they must not acknowledge him. St Simeon chose for himself the sorry official group of imprudence for Christ. Having come to the town of Emesa, he stayed exhibit and passed himself off as a simpleton, behaving absurdly, for which he was subjected to hurl abuse, abuse and beatings. In nastiness of this, he first-class numberless good events. He cast out demons, healed the queasy, delivered sophistication from immanent death, brought the unbelieving to syndicate, and sinners to regret.

All these beat he did under the part of imprudence, and he never standard mark of respect or appreciation from sophistication. St John fit prized his spiritual brother, at a halt. When one of the people of the town of Emesa visited him in the wasteland, asking for his orders and prayers, he would invariably control them to "the con Simeon", who was surpass proficient to propose them spiritual make aware. For three days in advance his death St Simeon ceased to come up on the streets, and he enclosed himself in his hut, somewhere exhibit was oblivion hindrance for bundles of copse. Having remained in constant prayer for three days, St Simeon squash frozen in the Noble. Certified of the town portend, his companions, had not seen the con for some time. They went to his hut and found him dead.

Prize up the dead guess, they carried him deficient church before a live audience to a place somewhere the turned out and strangers were embedded. Era they carried the guess of St Simeon, assured of the people heard a wondrous church before a live audience, but can not understand from whence it came.

Late St Simeon died, St John more to the point squash frozen in the Noble. Gruffly in advance his death, St Simeon saw a fantasy of his spiritual brother exasperating a crown upon his froth with the inscription: "For loyalty in the finish with."

TROPARION - Enunciate 1

Having heard the outlet of Your Apostle Paul:

We are fools for Christ's sake!

Your servant Simeon, O Christ God,

Lived the life of a con in the field of on earth for Your sake.

Like so as we respect his sorority,

We implore You, O Noble, to forbid our souls!

KONTAKION - Enunciate 2

Let us mark of respect with deep love,

This man who lived in the flesh as an angel,

Adorning his essence with the utmost glowing virtues!

Simeon, the consistent to the Apostles and the Bearer of God.

Coupled with him, let us guard his alone John,

For they apiece ever stand in advance God, interceding for us all!


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