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Saturday, 1 January 2011

When Ego Attacks Differences Of Procedure

When Ego Attacks Differences Of Procedure
One of the top-quality stimulating parts of the modern Blonde Sunrise tradition is that it allows nation to display ego explosions finished differences in full of zip convention (Ok, possibly I am the unmarried one amused by such clothes...but if you do not titter about it?). Or at least, that is how I am leave-taking to model my newborn email change. Unless I become hard to use this careful change in my semi-annual movement to try to NOT be select to my breathe embark local office.

These days, I was accused of having an ego atttack. I display been exchanging a series of emails with a Zelator (an ex-member of sundry Tidiness) who was sensitive in amalgamation the embark. Following I acknowledged an doubt about since the advent Theoricus initiation was leave-taking to be there, I asked for some information for example state was continually a gap that I was false impression what I thought was leave-taking on. (For the record, I thought that they were of the intellectual that if you can freedom the exam, after that you are insentience entitled to the advent initiation.) On one occasion learning what they had to do in their ancient Tidiness, I replied:

You and I are leave-taking to display a long speech about lodge/Order culture for example it is get that Bast Temple's culture and discrimination are modern than the ones that you are common to. For stage, we do not preschedule initiations the advent initiation in the field of Theoricus strength of mind be as long as since the officers of the embark become hard that someone is made for it (and that means the establish in crisis has attended a self-confident send the bill to of meetings which is the heart sheet of learning in our embark).

Now, my crisis is: Harsh wherever is my ego viewing in this reply? I thought that it was a simple expansion, illustrating the fact that state were differences in convention with the two To the point. And by "long speech," I intended a cup of coffee as we discussed the differences and grim if this organize may perhaps allow the actions that Bast Temple uses.

I was transgression...this is the picture that I got:

Hold your attention don't come in the field of my email candid and start saying stuff manner this "you and I work to display a speech" let pass don't try to make this in the field of a servent master kind of thing. No! I strength of mind not bow beside you to get the secrets of magic. At hand is sufficiently information out state to get the secrets. It may create me longer and it may create top-quality study to get the secrets...but I strength of mind never bow beside your ego. You display lost the whole say for magic....self-identity. Which, by the way, cannot be found by you. You are the warrior of self the public and freedom....for example you petition to subjugate nation......Yeah...I picked that up off of your email.....I'll find what I'm looking for weakness your order....and if I don't I strength of mind languid be furthest top-quality happier........I bow to no one.

Huh? Being in focus in my expansion signalled that I was looking for worshipful followers? And in focus how are the breathe embark members servants? Gee, I am an select representative...if I am playing Master, why haven't they gotten rid of me?

Maybe I am transgression, but I am not emphatically that it was my ego that was unpleasant. My closing email to this Zelator mentioned that state were at least two other Blonde Sunrise lodges in Denver, and that they had a desire in what Tidiness they appreciate to be a member of. On one occasion all, anyway the fact that I do not mistrust that my ego is out of control, the Zelator may be characteristic.

Update: I did get an reparation from the Zelator in crisis. At hand is a determined indenture that he is not made to be neurosis in an Tidiness until he overcomes the family and control issues that he engineering while in Christianity. Bast Temple desires him luck as he continues his spiritual move forward on his own.