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Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Harsh Reality

The Harsh Reality
It's the one verse in the fine Bible that ought to boast all of us rest no gist how presenter we maintain we are. I'll be in possession of, it's the one verse that has forever ready me really uncomfortable seeing that of the dreadful choose it foretells.

Let's wrapping it, whether we penury to be in possession of it or not, the disagreeable precision is that the Bible tells us that exhibit atmosphere be "several Christians" who atmosphere maintain "they're all good" with God, but who atmosphere be in for a impolite excitement.

Dowry atmosphere be millions of assumed "Christians" who atmosphere not be counted central of the escape behind it comes. Care for in sanity, they drive all be very untreated in their love for Jesus Christ and in their hurry of the truth, but we're told that won't gist.

These atmosphere be residents who did this, that, and the other in Jesus' name, but as things stand today, they don't know Him. Go re-read MATTHEW 7:21, "Not every person who says to me, lady, Lord!' atmosphere crucial the come to rest of illusion, but right the mortal who does what my Launch in illusion wishes."

These atmosphere be residents who support been "churched," which is to say, institutionalized, branded, and packaged in assumed "Christianity" (a cut above so called "Churchianity") all their lives, yet, they fixed don't know Him. On the day of the escape, behind they are not counted central, it atmosphere be a immoral wake-up celebrity to several of them. They atmosphere then know for a fact that "playing church" as they support done their whole lives doesn't cut it.

At all of these residents atmosphere wake-up at that time, aura out what it was they were feign pretend, and prod course. These residents atmosphere fraud the 144,000 Preserved Servants of God in feign their part for the Assert of our God in the sphere of Daniel's 70th Week.

No, I'm not drawing with a wide-ranging brush up, but highest of "Churchianity" today is big guests. It's Tax Allow with a largely give staff to bolster a association of religious CEO's predictable as "Pastors" who act as clergy more the laity in a association the Lord HATES. Right to use Astonish 2-3 another time, and restoration the "Nicolaitans."

"Nico"=conquer, "laitan"=laity.

It's a association that involves the word "laity," which is miserably the Limited idolatrous association in 99.9% of all the churches in the world today. A plurality of elders oversees the push, not a idiosyncratic mentor, or CEO type that the impertinent holy association has procedure today. We see the word "elders" all more the place in the Bible, and the word "cleric" one time in the Wedding album of Ephesians. I maintain exhibit drive be a contact in exhibit.

Seeing that the Consider of Christ is and is not atmosphere become clearer as the want ratchets up in this world. The multi-million money monuments to men that support been built in the name of God are going to become rubble in the not too distant choose. Cogitate about all the money exhausted to carry the condition of man, the same as residents starve to death, are expelled, and discovered in this world. The Consider of Christ is an biological, living, existing beast - - not a man ready issue. The Consider of Christ is not an university to "church" residents. If you are "unchurched" thank God for it, it's that far afield less you support to unlearn.

Activate, I'm not saying that going to church isn't ample. At the back of all, we don't penury to be "spiritual islands" either. I'm authentic saying that within the bodywork of this verse in Matthew, the disagreeable precision and sorry truth is that the modern-day, mega-church culture is what atmosphere be utterly blameworthy for this choose give rise to.

You snare religious "leaders" today whispering pleasant-sounding nothings into blue-collar ears as if it atmosphere be one big subject on the day of the coming escape. It won't be. Seeing that a sobering interrupt is this Matthew 7:21 verse. How do we resolve this about what we attach about our state-run in Christ today? The Lord forever warns head of government. He is enduring, and He is polite, but He doesn't snitch permanently either. In due course He atmosphere act, and behind He does, several atmosphere learn the lessons they ought to support sagacious support, but they'll learn them the high-pitched way.

The true Consider of Christ today is useless and spotted to the four winds. Re-read Astonish 3, and you'll find the contact to the Priestly of Philadelphia. That's the church found central to be "unfriendly" from the trial coming on the whole Win. Seeing that does the Lord say about them? They support little insistence, but they support unfriendly the Cautionary of his mercy.

Modest the Cautionary. Continued existence. Subdued insistence.

Many residents atmosphere support distinctive destinies in the sphere of the 7 sparkle in portico of us gone Daniel's 70th Week begins. At all atmosphere escape, some atmosphere be intent, some atmosphere die, some atmosphere make it floor the fine thing. Dowry atmosphere be no "one-size-fits-all" genius. Maybe Matthew 7:21 explains why exhibit are so several conflicting views almost the Frenzy. The bottom line, is that as longing as a mortal finds their way "in Christ" in advance they die, exhibit is forever hope of eternal helping hand.

It is main today that residents know the Lord Jesus Christ - - really know Him. Assorted atmosphere find out they don't know him after the perspicacious virgins (MATTHEW 25) support accepted floor the open opening in Illusion (Astonish 4). Inhabitants who are dead atmosphere wrapping a close time, but they atmosphere not be morally deficient hope. It may even be a re-visitation to the boondocks genius taking into account the children of Israel had.

So, how can we make fast we don't ever snare our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ flue these heady words to us one day? I attach that "part of the nod" is to "pray forever, that ye may be accounted central to escape all these things that shall come to repair, and to stand in advance the Son of Man." How can that not be part of it?

Currently is a "pre-Flood" day. There's fixed time to be counted central of the escape that is coming. It's not a foregone running out that you support to go floor any of the 7 sparkle of Hell on Win. Beauty moist to the Master today, and He atmosphere tug moist to you. Dowry isn't far afield time dead, but what time exhibit is we ought to snatch and make use of.

I am dangerously survive of all my shortcomings, and I contest today to be counted central (laterally with you) of the escape that is coming. Recollection the tale of the talents. As longing as you don't fur your vividness, as longing as you do something with it to bring condition to God, you atmosphere support something to show off (excluding little or far afield) for what you've been resolved.

I wrote that praying that we're counted central is right part of the utter. What's the other part? Seeing that does it mean to know the Lord? Let's slap a look:

JOHN 8:55 - - "Yet ye support not predictable him; but I know him: and if I ought to say, I know him not, I shall be a narrator taking into account unto you: but I Be aware of HIM, AND Care for HIS Saying." (prominence font)

1 JOHN 5:20 - - "And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath resolved us an understanding, that we may Be aware of HIM that is true, and WE ARE IN HIM that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life." (prominence font)

And the nod to the question: "HOW WE CAN BE Reliable THAT WE Plague Turn up TO Be aware of HIM?"

1 JOHN 2:3 - - "And hereby we do know that we know him, if WE Care for HIS COMMANDMENTS." (prominence font)

That track one is Massive. How can you be fast you know Him? You "interminably" loll his commandments. Is that a biggie, or what? You passion desire and compliance after you "ready a sentence" for Jesus Christ. You proof desire by believing in not right Him, but what He says atmosphere happen. You proof compliance by feign what He instructs us to.

So, the recipe nearly seems to be Custody HIS COMMANDMENTS (FAITH/OBEDIENCE) + PRAYING THAT YOU ARE COUNTED Gain = THE Opportunity Evade. Seems simple adequate, but right a few atmosphere make it seeing that they are deceived.

Why is it that behind Jesus was asked about His coming back to this world, He started off with "be not deceived?" Because snare, and whispering sweetie layered, pleasant-sounding sounding lies from the depths of Hell, would be the standard of these track days. If you want that you know Him and you don't guard His information, you are a narrator. Wow! That sounds to a certain extent disagreeable doesn't it? Somewhere did that come from? John 8:55.

The Lord reminded me fair of this consistently historical gem - - the quantity comes head of government. Our quantity with Him is of summit prestige. Event who get prosperous "feign" for the Lord and pass over the nearness of "experienced" the Lord, support lost their Unusual Expensive. We are the Bride, He is the Bridegroom, and we want boast our halfway point and attention to Him head of government on top of all in addition. This does not mean feign this, that, and the other in His name. Reliable, that's all well and good, but this mode time exhausted caring Him, putting ourselves in His phantom, waiting on Him, having the status of moist to Him. This mode appreciation our Unusual Expensive. It mode putting head of government things head of government.

I'm reminded of something from the Wedding album of Astonish. Altered paradigm of using the Bible to interpret the Bible:

Astonish 2:4-5 - - "Other than I Plague In part In opposition to THEE, Because THOU HAST Gone THY Unusual Expensive. Recollection that's why from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the head of government works; OR Excessively I Life-force Turn up UNTO THEE Openly, AND Life-force Separate THY CANDLESTICK OUT OF HIS Pillar, Hindrance THOU REPENT" (prominence font)

Evidently, the Lord takes this transitory thy Unusual Expensive (Him) shot gravely. Activate at all the good things the Lord highly praised the church for in advance He issued his alarm clock. They dreadful, they were enduring, they did not tolerate evil men and, yet, He says, in spite of all that, if they did not repent of transitory their Unusual Expensive, He would come in a few words and remove their candlestick from its place. We possibly will oppose for sparkle more what that mode, but suffice it to say you don't penury it happening to you. This shot ties utterly to this other Scripture we know so well in Matthew 7:21, which began this write down.

Over, these residents did heaps of good things in the name of Jesus Christ as Christians. Inauspiciously, they forgot the highest ample thing, which was experienced Him, caring Him. He comes head of government. One classical to display this chapter are the parents who work 100 hour work weeks to buy their kids all kinds of stuff, send them to the best schools, etc., all to find out that what their kids really considered necessary was authentic their parents, and not all the stuff. The parents worked and worked and worked, but at the responsibility of never experienced their own kids. Actual thing with the Lord nearly.

If you are feign feign and feign and feign for Him and not use a close by volume of time one-on-one, in His phantom, saturated up who He is, then terminate everything! Stop everything and whatsoever you are feign that's coming in advance your quantity, and your caring, literal time with Him! He is our Unusual Expensive. Seeing that He wishes is US - - not what we can do for Him. Seeing that does an all powerful God "passion" us to do for Him anyway? He wishes you! There's a place for "feign," but right after He gets you head of government. Man, I authentic convicted myself! I form I passion to prioritize a little pick up too!

In closing, I furthermore find it sophisticated that nearly we are communication about the disagreeable precision of Matthew 7:21 after persistently examining the Luke 21:36 verse that tells of a coming "escape," and that this "escape" was artificial within the context of the days of Noah and Lot, behind what do we find in the in the vicinity of verses nearly in Matthew 7?

MATTHEW 7:24-27 - - "So whosoever heareth these sayings of font, and doeth them, I atmosphere liken him unto a perspicacious man, which built his children's home upon a rock: AND THE Rain DESCENDED, AND THE FLOODS CAME, AND THE WINDS BLEW, AND Thrash UPON THAT HOUSE; AND IT K.O. NOT: FOR IT WAS FOUNDED UPON A Stagger. And every one that heareth these sayings of font, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a ridiculous man, which built his children's home upon the sand: AND THE Rain DESCENDED, AND THE FLOODS CAME, AND THE WINDS BLEW, AND Thrash UPON THAT HOUSE; AND IT FELL: AND Tremendous WAS THE Bend OF IT." (prominence font)

Hmmm, unusual symbolism and visuals exhibit particularly in light of this individual series, isn't it? I astound if we are so-called to slap whatsoever of have a feeling from all of this and hitch-hike it all. I mean, aren't we instructed to use the Bible to interpret the Bible?

Seeing that do you think?