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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Mt 721 27 Be One With Me

Mt 721 27 Be One With Me
Mt 7:21-27 BE ONE Between ME

"(Report modish for readings)"

It is an all too agreed sight: To the front a tutor asks a conundrum, a naive pupil sooner than has their hand up to recipe it! In today's Gospel we bolt a harmonious chore. Force we stand in advance the Member of the aristocracy and discuss him all the inherent substance we bolt done deteriorating ever having asked him what he approve of us to do?

"Member of the aristocracy, Member of the aristocracy, what have to I do?" This is a good conundrum. But in advance I can do something, I challenge to be someone. So the first conundrum could do with to be, "Member of the aristocracy, Who have to I be? As soon as answered, thus I will know "what I have to do."

"I am the vine, you are the kindling, says the Lord; whoever scum in me and I in him will revolve by far fruit."

How simple it sounds: "Stay in me", says the Member of the aristocracy, seeing that "the Member of the aristocracy requirements to be economical with the truth in me". This is the land I have to colonize. This is the "Promised Land": "Stay in me and I will be economical with the truth in you. To be one with the Member of the aristocracy or not to be is the final question!

At what time forty long years, the Promised Land was no longer a loyalty but a authenticity. They had taking part in. The Member of the aristocracy had been strict to His band". It is all true: I will be your God and you will be my band. "Seeing that high-class possibly will they deprivation. Seeing that high-class did they need?

They wanted the Commandments, and they wanted them considerably seeing that they were living them awfully. Seeing that I never realized in advance is that deteriorating the Commandments, the Promised Land would promptly turn in vogue several Egypt. The Jews would become slaves again; slaves to their own passions, emotions and disorders. Slaves in their own sins! No land is a "Promised Land" unless it is abundant in love, and gift is no love deteriorating justice! Give to is no love deteriorating Christ.

The Member of the aristocracy has revealed to all the nations that the true Promised Land has diminutive to do with a physical location and everything to do with a spiritual authenticity. To be optimistic, I do not bolt to be in the "Smack Home" - water's edge front property! Nor do I bolt to take to court the "Smack School". Or be in the "Smack Line". It is an fantasy in the leave to map I have to bolt the "Smack Friendship or Courtship or Nuptial". Nor penury I take to court the "Smack Grades, Smack Shape, or Smack Car."

Give to is one thing I penury seek: "Intention first the Terra firma of Heaven and all its morality. "The box sounds boring!

But God is not plane. I may be plane but God is surely not boring! Christ's life was far from plane. It was enriching! It was full of delight. Flourishing, membership the love of God and neighbor will bring you to the topmost surprises EVER! We do not beget God a dig to be God. We roar back to the same degree angered. We beat back to the same degree attacked. We fall faraway to the same degree sulky. We do not allow the Member of the aristocracy to point of view suppose of his possessions and allow it to revolve fruit! We do not allow others to see or to notice what God can do through us. For this excuse, it took the Jews forty years to notice who they were and who God is. Way too long. We penury know stop working. We penury not map that we know ourselves at ten, or eighteen, or even thirty. I am not the man I second hand to be, not at all! It took me some time to integer it all out.

The scarcely short-cut to the Promised Land is the candid acceptance of God as God and I am His. He is the Vine; I am a cut. I bolt life through Him. To the front the storms come and the vegetation fall, I have to revolve in concern "Jalisa Granger", the 21 year old organism from Louisiana who died yesterday to the same degree a windstorm tore faraway her diminutive home and a tree cleave upon her as she lay upon her child. She knew the Master well. She died and the child lived. It is the unparalleled image and brain wave of God's love for us. That is, how a tree promptly became a Navigate that killed and saved at the vastly time.

This is all the Member of the aristocracy asks from us: "Be one with me."

It dormant has the vastly affect it did two thousand years ago: It makes us cry with joy.