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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Levels And Degrees Of Magicians

Levels And Degrees Of Magicians
In the scholarship era, in attendance are copious petty time magicians who knows a little bit about magic and casting spells and they esteem nucleus called magicians.

1. The same as the proof of every "kalam" is "sifly and Angels (by the help of Allah)" and it depends on the magician which Mokel (Jinn) he captures and sweep and uses for his work, and whether he uses him for good work or for bad.

the magician does it all on his own, steadfastly and advantageously, and steadily with the help of and under the objective of a strong coach.

in attendance are such magicians who removal arva khabeesa(Sprite), or shaitan(satan)/bad jinnat and moreover use them for performance all kinds of work for them, and can even make them go locate at someone's home or any place and upset the people almost that place.

and this way, torments the people on the magicians word.

the same as arvah-e khabeesa (Sprite), shayateenn, satan, bad jinns are the faint creatures therefore minimally a very strong magician can see them, that's why they can harm and pester other humans and they don't even understand what the disturb is.

Arvah-e-khabeesa (Sprite) disturbs the dead life make, pollutes his materials and destroys his work, then they character do everything that is neglectful by our religion.

notwithstanding capturing and dictatorial and using the arva khabeesa can render problems for the magician too, but if the magician's coach is a very strong magician, moreover he can as you would expect control and make use of the arva khabeesa.

but such magicians are few to none, and such magicians steadily use the arva khabeesa for worldly dealings impressive than ceremonial, the same as these arva khabeesa don't be on a par with performance ceremonial work. even if the magician asks them to perform some ceremonial occupation, they eliminate it, and therefore the magician has to rest himself from asking them that, and likewise himself rest revealed from performance such farm duties himself. he steadily stays at a pollute armed.

if such magicians get overdue someone, they can make their lives imply and ask these arva khabeesa to pester the ram. to break a group and partner outside. destroys the count up interior life, creates problems connecting children and parents even.

the balk recent this unstability cannot be acknowledged as you would expect at first but gone open wherever the disturb lies, minimally a very good and strong spiritual healer can fix this disturb.

the healer has some mokelaat that quotation verses from the quraan to transfer the arva khabeesa revealed and moreover, the arva khabeesa go neighboring their master's requests and likewise come revenge from him, for their exploitation.

2. Nearby in attendance is a magician type that's less approved than the 1st type. notwithstanding they likewise know how to removal the arva khabeesa but they wont do it minus any distinct necessitate.

steadily, such magicians quotation the hindo davat and hanoman, kalaka dave and copious director dave and daota, to removal and control them and to use them.

these magicians order the arva khabeesa to pester someone inclined a solid time daylight and they set fire to the interior life of the ram.

3. The other type of magicians is a magician who casts spells on "mazbah khano" and places of lose and they request such creatures whome he can use for sifley amal and these creatures upon the magicians order, drop blood in the dead home and pester the people living in attendance. the ram suffers from some dossier of a nervousness of the minor and residue worried all the time. such magicians can do any number of flake and don't rest individuality.

4. Such magicians who cart learnt a few spells and can control a few jinnat and use them for either contravention people outside, or snatching someone's living, or destroys somebody's business and creates hurdles in someone's path and life. they hand over flake to the ram.

5. This is the type of magician that can removal the jinnat and shayateen, they can even bring under their request the king of the jinnat as you would expect with their amal. and moreover they can use them for their evil deeds. they span hanoman, kali mata, bahyaro, lona chamare, and differing kinds of davi and deota.

6. The principal magician has total request insensitive the kaldani magic. it is very tough to find such a magician. they can do very embarrassed farm duties.

they can make people fed up of their lives and make them imply. they can render unendurable issue for someone. these magicians importance that as they cast spells on someone moreover minimally some darwaish can remove it, before, in attendance is no option left for the ram. if these magicians get overdue everyone, moreover they can set fire to his life.

7. Offer are magicians who request the chorail and dayan. it is very embarrassed to request the chorail. inorder for the magician to request the chorrail he has to do inturn what she asks him to do too. the magician can even assassinate petty children and hand insensitive the blood, heart and liver to the chorail as she had demanded. she is steadily called as pichal payre and her feet are rotated and she has craving nails and craving hair cover on her item all the time.

8. These magicians cart to bring some animal of the insist assemble and size that the jinnat cart asked him, and it has to be black in colour the same as the jinnat be on a par with black color insensitive other colours. moreover he slaughters the animal minus reciting bismillah and rubs the blood insensitive the dead scaffold. moreover they carry on it revealed on some idle armed. its not poisonous minus reciting bismillah and moreover gone taken home, and bad talisman is in print for the jinnat whereby they are commanded them to lead out some neglectful deeds.

9. This is the ceiling appeal kind surrounded by the magicians and is the ceiling neglectful form of spell casting. a very big best of the shayateen come to help the magicians along this amal. these magicians make shoes of the holy book (god ban) and moreover wear them and come them to the bathroom. and read neglectful amal and moreover go to their room and sit their, and squeeze the jinnat. the jinnat come to their help as you would expect and the magicians has become kafir overdue performance all these neglectful deeds. and that's why even the shayateen likewise helps him.

10. This type of magician writes a sura from the holy book with menstral blood or with some other dirty thing and moreover reads some neglectful spells and moreover sweep and instructions the jinnat.

11. This type of magician writes the sura of the holy book on its head and moreover reads a bad evil spell and evil talisman and request the jinnat.

12. This type of magician casts spells upon seeing a definite star, moreover they read some bad spell which has evil verses and the moon appears to be worshipping the star, but its actually the shayatan that now overdue seeing the magician worshipping the star, goes to his help. but the magician thinks it's the star that is save me, but its minimally the devil.

13. A magician eats and munchies the prohibit and residue dirty and pollute so that his spells can work fine. such a magician can cast evil spells as you would expect and is a master in that.

if someone wants to do some amal for some good, this magician character cast evil spell on him and character make him pollute too. and even moreover, if someone wants to break his evil spells with the help of the holy book, they are disqualified to, the same as the holy book minimally works on cleans matter.

so gone pollute, the magic does not break, and people premeditated the magic does not break with the help of the holy book. it does but gone the number is clean. these magicians work furtively and after that people are not conscious of them.