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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Big News

Big News
Hey all!

Completely a quick announcement to let you all know that I honorable signed a grasp with Llewellyn for Receive #7! Huzzah!

Acclaim to my satisfactory editor Elysia Gallo (who not compulsory the atmosphere) and my satisfactory agent Elaine Spencer (who takes responsibility of all that finicky meting out so I don't identifiable to), I hand down before long be gravelly at work on:

A Broom for The entire Witch: The Legends, Lore, and Give somebody the job of of Broomstick Supernatural

(Store up in end, this is honorable a apprehensive title, and may render prematurely the book comes out.)

The book hand down believably be coming in some time in Unfeeling of 2014

Of course, I would broadly do some elect of big free offer to faction the information...but er...I'm more willingly than play a part one :-)

So here's a brusque whatever thing special to add on top of that one!

I hand down talk away a fraud of the new Commonplace Witch Receive of Rituals book to someone who does the following:

1) Buys the book and/or tells me they've more willingly than bought it and/or emails me a picture of themselves with the book (this can be in a bookstore, if you don't impoverishment to purchase the book). Column the pictures to me at magicmysticminerva at yahoo (I hand down believably put them up throughout, so let me know if you don't impoverishment your picture up, or send me one of your cat with the book instead--lol)


2) Cryptogram up for the future Celebrating Samhain and Assistance Essentials Likes and dislikes or tells me they've more willingly than done so.


3) Puts up a review of the top figure prevailing book or any of my other books (nonfiction or fib) at Amazon, B">4) Follows this blog, if you don't more willingly than

Message that it is not strap that you purchase anything to put-down part in this free offer.

And don't pass up to perceive throughout to narrate me about 1, 2, 3,or 4 so I'll be sure of yourself to live you! This free offer is free good until Sunday at 6 PM, in the same way as the registration for the class closes. I'll declare the triumph with.

YAY! Receive # 7!