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Friday, 14 January 2011

Vampires And Werewolves

Vampires And Werewolves
Tactically, I've been toiling ready in my back-to-back (or shall I say my witchy lair!) and making spell books and potions for Halloween 2012. So good to be making these again! New for this endure, a spell book that includes potions for Parasite and Werewolf repellant! I keep two of these!

The early on one has a black paper rose. I found some vintage black lace that was fun to clinch.

As customary, the spell books are adorned out with certain moss. The color and mimic papers are in addition new for this rendezvous.

What's the key for? I'm not open the coffin? To open the cubbyhole with the stakes? You decide.

I'm big on the keep a note this rendezvous. Compound of my spell books clinch faint potions coupled with organza surround and weave.

Roughly speaking you can see how the black lace is trimmed around the edge of the book.

Our arcane key is coupled to the book via some unkempt vintage black surround.

This book moral fiber be not taken for sale at Graces Fixed in Paw Paw, MI. or by contacting me via my blog.

Roughly speaking is the superfluous vampire/werewolf book I ended.

This one is a bit further bucolic with the sticks.

Aga Once more, I hand-me-down the black lace, but in a definite way on this book.

The page dividers are two red crystals undecided from black organza paper chain.

The page is constantly rounded and weather-beaten.

This is a fun and sexy slump book, I run. I'm really fluffy with the lace. This moral fiber market on my etsy.