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Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Magical Lesson Of The Golden Calf

The Magical Lesson Of The Golden Calf

Keowulf 27

DovBear (who putatively doesn't regard in magic) blogs about the golden calf, carrying great weight us that impart are two traditional explantions of the verse:

He took [the gold] from their hand[s], "Linked IT UP IN A Drapes," and ["Gather As well, I.E., SORCERERS"] made it into a molten calf. They said: "These are your gods, O Israel, who bring brought you up from the land of Egypt!"

One is logical, one is "capricious."

One tells us Aaron took a tool, and stamped a calf; the other says he wrapped the offerings of gold in a cloth and by some means a statue was twisted. One relies on the verify itself, the other depends on the introduction of unmentioned inscription (the sorcerers) and a belief in their magic.

One "makes sense", the other doesn't.

Menashe comments:

I reflect on induce the sorcery interpretation is favorite is in view of the fact that of verse 24, wherever Aaron responds to an mad Moses, 'I threw [the gold] into the fire and out came this calf.' The look at that Aaron would impart a lie (and such a funnily lame one to boot), was indefensible to many commentators.

SM far off comments:

Bar the lame tolerate aggressively conveys Moses' fit and Aaron's sense of suspect and want to make bigger up some poor substitute.

Seeing that actually makes sense is this - Aaron's consequence to Moses demonstrates an incisive execution on the gratuitous profile of Moses's fit what fund Moses had claimed to bring flummoxed some gold into a fire and out came a menorah. So, we can see afterward that the make-believe practice of Moses and Aaron is apparently the exact. One difference of opinion, I reflect on, is that Aaron demonstrates mega vindication than Moses in the rank of magic - which explains the induce why Moses would want a menorah, namely, to en-lighten up!

Aaron exemplifies an crafty caring magician, who understands to some degree how magic works. Moses, in this contention with the golden calf, shows himself to be a deluding trick one, who (in the contention of the menorah) had hand-me-down superstition (which is not magic) to pull the wool over somebody's eyes land and who became excitable that a expert magician called him on it.