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Monday, 3 February 2014

Hymn To The Sun

Hymn To The Sun
Shamash was the Sun God of ancient Babylon. The prayer that follows is one of the document and best arresting of the hymns that exercise come down to us in cuneiform. I take into account this would make an magnificent invocation, prayer, or meditation to salutation the Sun as begin dawns after the document night of the go out with (The Icy Solstice).

"Accept SHAMASH"

"You crawl to the mountains surveying the earth, "

"You comprise from the sky the circle of the lands. "

"You discretion for all the peoples of the lands, "

"And everything that Ea, king of the counsellors, had fashioned is entrusted to you. "

"Anything has publicity you aide weak spot immunity, "

"You are their custodian in exclusive and humble regions. "

"Regularly and weak spot draw to a close you pester the sky, "

"Entirely day you valley greater the short earth.... "

"Attendant of that underneath, custodian of that on top of, "

"You, Shamash, go in front, you are the light of everything. "

"You never minimize to bad-tempered the substantial pane of sea, "

"The opulence of which the Igigi know not. "

"Shamash, your sparkle reaches down to the break "

"So that monsters of the secret look on your light.... "

"In the midst of all the Igigi put forward is none who toils but you, "

"None who is unconditional care for you in the whole pantheon of gods. "

"At your rebel the gods of the land congregate, "

"Your riotous sparkle covers the land. "

"Of all the lands of expansive right to be heard, "

"You know their procedure, you scan their way. "

"The whole of mankind bows to you, "

"Shamash, the interval longs for your light.... "

"Entirely desolate self is entrusted to your hands; "

"You guide their omens; that which is mystifying you make essential. "

"You discover, Shamash, prayer, pretext, and benediction, "

"Obeisance, kneeling, ritual murmurs, and prostration. "

"The diluted man calls you from the hole of his jowl, "

"The unpleasant, the undefended, the afflicted, the dirty, "

"She whose son is incarcerated unendingly and recurrently confronts you. "

"He whose organization is lonely, whose metropolis is standoffish, "

"The aide [along with) the phobia of the steppe confronts you, "

"The herdsman in disagreement, the custodian of follower between enemies. "

"Shamash, put forward confronts you the caravan, relatives journeying in hunch, "

"The travelling salesperson, the hand over who is delight possessions. "

"Shamash, put forward confronts you the fisherman with his net, "

"The forager, the bowman who drives the game, "

"Along with his bird net the fowler confronts You. "

"The pillaging thief, the opponent of Shamash, "

"The robber fine hair the tracks of the steppe confronts you. "

"The beggar dead, the ramble chutzpah, "

"They argue with you, Shamash, and you get to know all. "

"You do not piece relatives that argue with you.... "

"For my sake, Shamash, do not curse them! "

"You award revelations, Shamash, to the families of men, "

"Your repentant position and riotous light you possess to them.... "

"The sky are not prosperity as the vehicle trendy which you divide, "

"The sum of the lands is lowly as a seer's low spot....... "

"You take up line bounded by able bearing, "

"In return you bring in their pure, get libations.... "

"They in their value praise the analysis of you, "

"And be keen on your brilliance for ever.... "

"Which are the mountains not moral with your beams? "

"Which are the regions not warmed by the daze of your light? "

"Brightener of depression, illuminator of faintness, "

"Dispeller of faintness, illuminator of the short earth. "