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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Day 2 Fast And Prayer For The Musa Family

Day 2 Fast And Prayer For The Musa Family


Not take no for an answer in Refinement day and nightDay Two, Rapidly & Refinement for the Musa Frequent restructure 427 Jul 2012 Plunk a Analysis

Friday, 27th July 2012. 9.57am

Abba Shock, I thank You for this flash day of fasting and prayer for the Musa family members. Thank You for bringing me thus far in Your lead to for them, for dependable fill of us who stand with our brethren in imprison will be blessed by Your own full hand of love.

Wonderful Spirit, my Marcher, guide my approach and my lever tips as a I cut this restructure, and may what I section with Your dearest ones speak cavernous appearing in every nucleus. Amen.

This emerge, as I was heartbreaking from my take a nap, I distrust of our flash day of fasting and prayer for the Musas, and the Noble knows I was listening for Him. My spirit was saying: correspond my Pet...speak!'

He kid. He said: still none go with you, on the other hand I will follow!'

I wondered why He assumed these words to me. I recognised them with no qualm. They were the words of a tune which I chose at my water first use in Speed 1986. The words of the tune came back to me and my spirit was lyrics the words: still none go with me, on the other hand I will say...'

The Pastor who baptised me, Pastor Harold Stevens, had said: abstract two songs which we can sing at your first use.' The songs came to my wisdom orthodox. The leading one was: I stock fixed to say Jesus and the flash was: I love you Noble. Show was a guitar the person responsible for on the water's edge, and we sang apiece songs on every occasion I had come out of the marine that beautiful swift twilight Snuffle. It was a best blessed time. None came with me. Not one human being attended my water first use with me, with the exception of my spawn baby and son.

I had come to Jesus amid a Commission who had visited our neighborhood on the 17th February 1985, and I gave my life to Jesus that Sunday twilight at St Ives Guildhall. As each day went by following my appointment, I read about water first use in the bible, and I knew I looked-for to be baptised like Jesus disciples. I purchased a book on first use and I answered each quarter very attractively in the back of the book. The quarter and elucidate wing was offer so you might perfectly understand what the meaning of water first use was.

I after that phoned Pastor Harold Stevens, a Methodist priest and asked to rejoin with him. He took my bit pamphlet and assumed he would read all my answers and get back to me. He did, and the good information was, he assumed he rumored I held the full meaning of water first use, and yes he would baptise me.

He was baptising some of his church members, and he would be inflicted with me. My Nan told me Pastor Harold Stevens was a distant appropriate of ours, and that was first-rate, hearing that. Pastor Harold Stevens knew I had been brought to Jesus amid a visiting Commission and I had no Church to noise when me, but this did not thwart him from leave-taking sharp with my first use.

No one came with me to my first use service. Any person had contacts and friends, and I had no one. The other Christians had flasks of munchies, contacts holding their towels prepared to arrest them in their arms as they came out of the marine. I had no whatsoever to arrest me in their arms. I had the positive faces of my two spawn children, and I am not hop how to a large extent they would stock held what Mummy was work that day. But Pet, you know, I know now, offer was A few One offer to rejoin me that day, and I was not unaided.

Paul told Timothy he had no one to go to the flatter with him on every occasion he was unfaithfully accused. That night the Noble said: 'Paul, you will not be at that flatter unaided tomorrow, I will be with you, and I will put My words in your jowl on every occasion you speak to the Intermediary.'

Brethren, this is what I pray for Gloria and Chiwar Musa. My prayer is: Noble Jesus, stand all along Gloria and Chiwar and put Your words in their jowl on every occasion they speak to the Intermediary. Recently, a friend of Gloria and Chiwar sent me a be equal with of a letter Gloria has in print to the Courts. She entitles it: To Open-minded Courts. I suppose I honorable stock two pages of the unusual letter.

Memo from Bishop Gloria Musa addressed to Open-minded Courts

Memo from Bishop Gloria Musa addressed to Open-minded Courts (flash page)

DAY ONE, Rapidly that beautiful simple pare, black eyes and proficient long for wind hair. I observe on every occasion Lise was working as a waitress in the definite Chinese club natural life ago. She was present a prepare of patrons who were from Zambia. She assumed one of them assumed to her: 'Are you Zambian?'

My baby assumed she was overcome on every occasion she was asked this quarter. She replied: 'My dad is Zambian.' The human being assumed she might tell by looking at the propose of my daughter's front part she was Zambian. I suppose my baby distrust this was comparatively astounding and I suppose I do too. I mean, I would never stock distrust of recounting my baby as Zambian.

I am dark, but proficient, O you daughters of Jerusalem. Lone of Solomon 1:5

I stock perfectly described her as British, but if you suppose about it, she is British and she is Zambian - partial and half! I stock never looked-for her to forbid her father's place of the family members in spite of what happened. So, I am wondering how the Noble works in all of this items, how He uses differing items to consider us appearing in what He requirements us to do. He draws our nucleus doesn't He? Progress, come My Pet, come not in with Me, come appearing in the Nook of the Sparkler with Me and let Me ascertain your verbalize. Let me see your front part, for your front part, for your front part is beautiful and your verbalize is full. I give pleasure to to add the word, so full.

On every occasion I looked at this direct of Gloria, I distrust how beautiful she looks and what a full spirit shines out of her. That's why it sensation me to read all the harsh items that stock been in print about her; tribe saying she is an soft mother and so to a large extent exclusive. Our Noble knows doesn't He, and so we justified call for somebody this godly mother up to Him now and pray for her. Noble, determination her in Your arms now and help her. Doctor her irregular nucleus and tell her everything is leave-taking to be fine. You will remodel all that the aggressor has full from her. You will remodel her family members and they will subsequent to once again be up.

DAY ONE, Rapidly & Refinement FOR THE MUSA Frequent Consultation

26 Jul 2012 Plunk a Analysis

Thursday, 26th July 2012, 12.30pm

Pet Shock in Paradise

I pray You will guide me as I cut this flash instalment on behalf our dearest Musa brethren. Wonderful Spirit our Spiritual Marcher, discriminate our hearts, pour amid me as I suppose and cut. I love my brothers and sisters and I give pleasure to to section as You would stock me section.Unobtrusive...