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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hangover Cure Part 4 Hangover Belly Rub

Hangover Cure Part 4 Hangover Belly Rub

Here's Separate 4 of my Hangover series. See Separate 1 hip, Separate 2 hip, and Separate 3 hip.

A repeat of the regimen (with contacts):

* Hangover Tea
* Stream with Stimulating BathSalts
* Arouse Up/Feel Measure oil
* Hangover Belly Rub oil
* Multi-Vitamins

Tenuous, you've in shape gotten out of a electric shampoo, you're marinating in your assets up/feel

good oil, and now it's time for some tea and a Hangover Belly Rub. Rub that belly!

THE Tone

Note: This recipe appears in Ms. Jeanne Rose's Aromatherapy Herbal Studies Rule.

4 drops Fennel essential oil

2 drops Juniper essential oil

1 plummet Parsley essential oil

1 little owner oil

Mix this stuff together in a pane or PET bottle. It leave proffer a even though in the fridge. The mixture smells would like licorice, and is very very soothing and magnificent.


This belly oil is really good for dislike and bloating. It actually works. The smell is very very good quality and leave cancel your spirits, too.

WHY IT Moving parts

Fennel oil pic from Aromaweb


"Foeniculum vulgare": digestive, incentive, calm stressed respiratory disorders (too regular cigarettes at the bar?).

Turn to disinfect that thing, girl!


"Juniperus communis": expectorant, digestive, biting, respiratory ailments, channel, and stressed disorders, de-congestant, detoxifier. Siberian shamans use Juniper fumes to disinfect their tambourines. This may come in minute once upon a time a variety store.


"Salvia officinalis": antiviral, biting, emmenagogue, anti-depressant, good for mental disturbance and tiredness. Shrunken religious teacher was/is burned by Indians and new-agers where to fumigate seats and family unit of down energy. Stain that house! Stain that head!