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Monday, 29 September 2014

Lavender Vial Pendant Necklace Magick Herbs Wiccan Wicca Pagan Magic Herb Magic Valentine Day Gift By


Light purple has a perfect moist fragrance that is imaginary to aid rest and corrupt way of thinking of composure. Magickally, it is thought to aid in attracting love and sex, and promoting way of thinking of happiness.

This vial pendant is satiated with dehydrated lilac. Storage space it as a necklace or hook on the road to your bed to familiar nothingness, or carry with you to give confidence yourself up. The necklace does control a disparage imbue of lilac to it. It doesnt open, but it isnt air meager either so try not to get it wet.

Comes on an approx. 18" (eighteen inch) gunmetal succession with press-stud control. If youd be fond of it to be longer or shorter exactly send a message me and I will make it to fit you.

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**DO NOT INGEST. Not alleged for children. If you control hedge plant sensitivities this product may not be match for you. I am not liable for allergic reactions. Not a deputy for medical fuss.

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