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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Finding Crystals And Gemstones

Finding Crystals And Gemstones
Q: Do I keep up to go to a special store to find good crystals?

A: Not at all. Limit of my particular crystals are either "found" stones (seem down, they're all nearly) or for shiny stone, I go to the residential home lapidary (a sandstone and gem shop) These sitting room keep up good stones, but don't be peeved with the rubies in the organizer (unless you keep up a Serious dictate and Zealous POCKETS!) Try the cabachons in the trifling drawers; they can be had for a appeal and momentum work well in jewelry as well as your altar space!

Try museum gift shops too... assets can be found in their for kids section!

Gemstones make completed Wiccan talismans -- find a gemstone with magickal correspondences linked to personal property you yearn for and horses it with you for a completed simple form of magick.

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