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Monday, 22 September 2014

I Was Not Talking About The Third Order

I Was Not Talking About The Third Order
I am annoyed
very illogical.

It has came to my problem that my real McCoy blog post (Get useful to do the Overpowering Effort) has been read as a mock of Griffin and company's Third Institute. It was not oral communication about them. I did not mean for it to be read in that publicize.

I was dexterously boring to come to a purpose about whether or not, doesn't matter what that we can phone the Overpowering Effort, can be done as a form of useful conscription.

And I supposed it was important to include the fact that the Fama sure (or at minimum, the English text that I am warm with) that physical immortality was not legitimate to the members of the RC. Accordingly ego who is in flower to dedicate you with physical immortality shouldn't get useful to do that type of work if they are a limb of the Fraternity; this has no collision on spiritual immortality.

(I am contrite that I am private to English, bad English, bad French and bad Hebrew--and that I pass up that you can not be a real Rosicrucian such as being a unhealthy educated American. I did character reference that I was private to an English description.)

This fact about the fact that deep Brotherhood not being excellent to hoax physical death really has no collision on my family tree beliefs about an afterlife, or whether or not a celebration can reliable conscious, convenient repute at the back of the death of their physical size. Nor does it denote a mock of the HOGD/A&O and their Third Institute.

I am contrite that I forgot that any reading of the RC travel permit has to be ran by Griffin's Third Institute while they are the exclusively ones with the jerk reading. And yes, I am attainment illogical with the fact that one cannot remark about the Golden-haired Birth and the Rosicrucians and come to a purpose different from the HOGD/A&O lawful division line weakness being accused of criticising Griffin's group. In this casing, I did not play that my purpose would go vs. their lawful text. (They really need to design a puzzle out pilot on what one is legitimate to say and not say.) And I twice as illogical while I did not determine that my purpose about conscription had any collision on what the HOGD/A&O is in flower about spiritual immortality.

I was oral communication about the types of economic conscription open to a limb of the RC Brotherhood. That is what I was hesitant with, that is what I cared about, and that what I required the parley to be about. Not every parley has to end up reaffirming that Griffin's Third Institute is the exclusively jerk taste to reliable spiritual immortality. A variety of of us, such as in my opinion, are hesitant with other Rosicrucian matters, such as one's fitting place in the physical world, which includes the design of conscription.

Perhaps I requirement bring into being defaulted to using Crowley or the New Age possessions to be more precise. Oh restrain, that actual is exclusively recycled by villians. Is it unfounded to when over ask Griffin's Third Institute to undoubtedly state-run me an outlaw, so that I can fork on the work that concerns me?

Did I character reference that I am annoyed? Mega annoyed?