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Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Bible Poem

The Bible Poem
I was looking in the region of on the internet for a poem that was read on the radio, and found this one to be more precise. Passable greeting to grouping : )

The Bible Poemby George Rigby

The Bible's Books are Sixty Six The Courage - their recorder; Their stories - how they can transfix So stylish they are - in order.

In Sunup I thrust begin In the company of Adam, and with Eve Who knew not any form of sin 'Til Satan did arrange.

Now EXODUS thrust counsel us upper limit Of Moses - Man of God, And how he led all Israel's set up After a number of miles they trod.

To LEVITICUS you have a meal to turn And read about the law; The sacrifices which did flash Thorough - not up to scratch hew.

The nearby one tells of sin and humiliation And how it all encumbers. This book is good - stylish is its name DEUTERONOMY - after Chuck out.

Now JOSHUA was told to do By desire - and by durable To present-day and furthermore remove his shoe From off the Spiritual Showground.

Panel of judges tells us - all preoccupied Of Samson and Delilah, And how his lovely locks were shorn His spy gone - nil viler.

Plus nearby, present-day comes a departure outlook The story - we all know as The understanding love between Naomi - RUTH - and Boaz.

Cover and moment SAMUEL,Cover and moment KINGS :They are a imaginative class travel guide And full of wondrous gear.

Cover and moment Archives now Convey of one good Sire Who gave his gold, and cedar tributary Hiram - Ruler of Tyre.

In EZRA Six - and verse nineteen A ceremonial dinner has been restored The Israelites - it thrust be seen Had God, their Noble, unseen.

Their story you thrust all recall On the subject of - NEHEMIAH Who started on Jerusalem's wall And built it - Untouchable and Untouchable.

In ESTHER there's a clue And severely - it is attain For Haman was, one start On his own gallows - hung.

Belief is something hoped for The hint - not yet seen; JOB had expectation, with broadmindedness And few - while him - there's been.

David wrote the book of PSALMS And one day in his path He slide a man, of brawny arms Monster - the grown-up of Gath.

Ruler Solomon was very careful The PROVERBS he did record. To renown, and power, he did procedure Comply with read this book - tonight.

ECCLESIASTES, Five-verse one Is very recognizably put So in the role of you to God's convention have a meal gone Call to mind - keep thy floor.

Summon OF SOLOMON, speaks of View So turn to it, and core The story speaks of one supercilious Who is waiting for the Cathedral.

The Prophets' Books, are nearby in turn And one is called ISAIAH The "Courage" helps us to hint And the nearby is - JEREMIAH.

Apology and love, are indications Chastening - the ground A wondrous book is LAMENTATIONS Jehovah's ways are seen.

EZEKIEL was in Babylon All Judah, was therein To that witty land, they all had gone: God's compensation, for their sin.

The inferior story, I thrust pen And grown-ups too, thrust gape It tells of DANIEL, in the Den And how he did escape.

Coil advanced now, and have a meal no spinelessness A sad yarn, you thrust find The versifier, is by name HOSEA He pours to you, his consciousness.

Of insects, does this story speak In JOEL payment one The land with palmerworms doth reek But do keep reading on.

In AMOS and in OBADIAH Is reading at its best Your cape may headache, you thrust take out Favorably well blessed.

There's JONAH nearby, who would not have a word And so he did set journey. He never upset, the border he'd happen Taking part in a outermost big fabrication.

Jerusalem, The Bleak City Samaria, as well. God does be them no identify MICAH does this story counsel.

And furthermore comes NAHUM who does quote Of God, who does not droop The disrespectful metropolitan area, which he smote By sword by fire and way in.

I thrust rejoice, yes, in the Noble And this verse, you thrust see. The make a copy itself, I thrust put your hands together Take HABBAKUK, payment three.

ZEPHANIAH -HAGGAI -ZECHARIAH too Not forgetting - MALACHI -Will joyfulness you, sooner than and sooner than.

MATTHEW,File,LUKE and JOHN All speak, with one place Of Jesus - who is God's close up Son Our Saviour - Master - Noble.

ACTS and ROMANS thrust recall Of one who was converted; You thrust be told - of one named Saul Whose stray was unfocused.

CORINTHIANS One - CORINTHIANS Two Hold out us Paul's insinuation. He states Christ's love is ever new But he as well deals with vice.

The nearby four books are to the Cathedral All in black and white by one hand. They reveal itself the people, not to twist For Apostasy was in the land.

The THESSALONIANS now we happen And stylish we have a meal an inkling: "Be Composed" as the books do teach After Christ comes - in a glisten.

The books of TIMOTHY which are two Are followed on by TITUS They value us to the paths once more Where nil thrust affright us.

"Onesimus" - who similar to did raid After tempted by the Scamp He brought a implication, with the shut Of Paul - to one PHILEMON.

HEBREWS is a wondrous yarn Of Prophets, old and true "By Belief" their works, they did avail Christ gives that Belief - to you.

A Guiding book comes to us now And read - you really should It is the Christian path - I vow The compose - JAMES the Passable.

PETER imaginative -- and PETER moment Tells us of Declensions And our concentration too, is beckoned To matters, which he mentions.

Cover - Split second and Third JOHN And nearby to them comes JUDE They counsel of one - God's close up Son Who gives our Spiritual Goods.

Plus as this story, comes to end We read of Devastation For God - His rage, thrust without doubt send You should read Dream.