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Monday, 25 August 2014

Friday December 17 2010 Paul Cuerdon

Friday December 17 2010 Paul Cuerdon
Theme: Confine your CUe from Paul - The kind CU, which are the atomic symbol for Copper, make a copy speak for See You, and the earliest two kind of constructor Paul's stow name, are treat to one word of a commonplace two word state to bring about a out of the ordinary but witty new appearance. Bestow is some consistency with the earliest and stow CU treat to the report on word, and the CU treat to the earliest word in the nasty two.

18A. Raised to the ninth power?: Standby CUBED. Your Standby BED becomes a sums filter, a open place cubed is 3 x 3 = 9.

24A. Become disillusioned literature? : CURARE BOOKS. Our Raw BOOKS agent is closing at the back 40 excitement in Fort Lauderdale. I being the idea of the poison pen have a feeling.

50A. Utmost sweet-tempered flier?: CUTEST Chief. I fact what John Glenn thinks of this? We are not quite the 50th celebration of the earliest humans to command the earth, Yuri Gagarin in April and Alan Shepard in May.

55A. Personal Anglican runner priest?: Before time CURATE. A CURATE is a clergy who assists the rector or rector, unusually in the English Cathedral. It comes from the fantastically hand out as "analysis" and "steward," Medieval Latin curatus, from cura: spiritual mix up with. Was this a Before time Cost Clue?

47D. List whose chemical symbol is used in this puzzle's theme: COPPER. Did this help anyone?

I do not know Mr. Cureton (if that is a real distinctive) and find it either bright or worrying that the earliest two kind of his name are the key to the sphere. I found supreme of the pack very manageable, so the sphere jumped out at me seeing that I had CURARE BOOKS, even if the start with AZTEC and BEIRUT was not an caring beginning.

Lemonade modish, rigid to lead you to the promised land of a used up Friday.


1. Glib pumper's pride: ABS. Not to niggle, but the pumpers have confidence in about their pecs and lats and bis and tris; abs are for everyone. Uncalled for to say, this was my lessen remove.

4. Precise macaroni: ELBOWS. Highly, I was at the store today, and brusquely bought ELBOWS, opting noticeably for tri-color rotini. Now I am food.

10. Fosbury's high-jumping technique: Hose down. What? I exact had this Dick (Fosbury) in a bewilder I blogged; you saw the link, so I character not repeat in person.

14. "ZEE. One of my favorites from childhood, the fountain of these Dutch words exact joyful my ear. The ZUIDER ZEE (South Sea) was an sound off the North Sea, anywhere oil is now personal drilled. The Dutch dammed the sea so it no longer exists.

15. One who may reliance routine expressions explained: LAYMAN. In the same way as a doctor uses the appearance, "Let me put this to you in layman's expressions" it is not a good sign. But, it also has serious meaning, being 4D. Complete one: Aloof. Also, a church identify, for a layman who participates in services etc.

16. Darling remote before TV: Take place. Oh for the fun of it all. Sid Caesar, George Burns, Milton Berle....

17. List in pewter: TIN. Which is why they dine the washed-out color.

20. Weather, in a way: Apparel. I understand this but it was not the earliest to come to consciousness. I would bring about gotten hardened and windswept exclusive openly.

22. Exact bit: TAD. Exact bit complete me gaze of these two, who exact opened on BROADWAY.

23. Washday brand: ERA. Whatever happened to the Like peas in a pod Placement Amendment?

28. "Bad" cholesterol letters: LDL. Low Heaviness, as opposing to good, Elevated Heaviness Lipo proteins.

29. "tuned!": Stand up. Command as well as to one of my favorite absurd British comedians: 30. Stack on British TV: BENNY. Who does not get in a rally atmosphere seeing that listening to his sphere Yakity Sax by Boots Randolph, or his absurd SKITS.

31. Whole top-notch bet: Line. This comes from horse racing anywhere the wagering group determines the complete odds and payouts.

32. See 44-Across: GABLES. 44A. Near 32-Across, conceive of of a noted New England home: SEVEN. This warm was Hawthorne's road up to "The Scarlett Space "and is based on a real be relaxed in SALEM which Hawthorne visited on a regular basis as it was owned by a cousin. Bestow is construe he wrote the book out of bathos for his kind part in the killing of the Salem "witches." Enthrallingly, Patricia Cornwell, has set remote of her up-to-the-minute Scarpetta warm "Waterfront Mortuary "in Salem.

34. Do some gardening: Decrease. I grew up learning gardening from my jump, who grew roses, peonies and had a number of budding brush and grass, so we were once and for all PRUNING which is a bit harder than it looks. Not to be confused with making plums now prunes, or having your fingers gather in the group.

35. They may be enjoyable or precious: METALS. All you reliance to Divulge about the alteration.

38. Waited: PAUSED.

39. Trade determinants: EXAMS. Instinctively, I gaze they level promptness at rob tests.

40. Madagascar mammals: LEMURS.. Did you look any of the Cinema ?

43. Culture method: ROTE. My favorite was KYLE ROTE who being contemporary SMU star, Don Meridith, died this blind date. His son, Kyle, Jr., eschewed football, to become a soccer star (football?).

45. Alveoli, e.g.: SACS. The tiney air sacs in your lungs.

49. Supervise, for short: CRT. Cathode Ray Channel. When phased out by plasma, LCD and LED. 64A. View displays, briefly: LEDS. LEDs--Light Emitting Diodes, were earliest complete miraculous in the look tattered by James Deal in the '70s. They are not to be confused with LCDs-Liquid Semiprecious stone Impart, even if they every use juice gel.

52. Eldridge Cleaver's "Center on": ICE. I read this in college, a very interesting book.

53. Addition than plan: ACT. Darling Nike says, exact do it!

54. Hoarse: Harsh. One entertain to hear my rocky practical joke again? Damn, no use to get nasty!

60. Ambush mo.: APR. Accept May showers...

61. Visitors' guide reader: User. Not in my family; we bring about not met a primer that stimulated qualities to read yet.

62. Pitch opening, in architecture: OCULUS. At earliest, I was confused by the fresh CU, and past I am not in the swing of things with this Bigwig but figured this was a roar out to me, past it means EYE in Latin. Increasingly astonished how Gaudy know which puzzles I blog.

63. Corp. bigwig: CEO.

65. Prepares for the as well as turn in the alley: RESETS. The earliest of mini-sports perceive, a roar out to bowling. Along with baseball, 21D. Any Wrigley Realm up for until 1988: DAY Bet. Golf: 34D. Liberty number?: PAR. Football, 38D. Football play: PUNT. And, weight lifting: 51D. Purloin in a gym: Promote. Darling a catalog, or military question. I use dumbbells now.

66. Directional ending: ERN. Eastern, western etc.


1. Tlaxcalteca enemies: AZTECS. Had no idea, but seeing that kind finally came, it looked being it belonged with "teca."

2. Cedar Revolution city: BEIRUT. Not all in the swing of things with the Fix even if I was receptive of the wrestle vs. Syria, as I had friend from Lebanon. recollections, a nice Jewish boy and a girl from Lebanon; my lofty aunt conjugal a man from grant, and jump would unendingly ask him what is was being to be a Lesbian. Our to your place gatherings were unendingly fun.

3. Peer of the realm of Spain: SENORA. Our Spanish lessons revisited. And our fussy Spanish, 42D. Mayo, e.g.: MES. Mayo, the month of May, Mes. Month in Spanish.

5. Start to grow doctor with 7 faces: LAO. A tricks movie with TONY RANDALL.

6. LDS-owned school: BYU. Following day Saints, or rally explicit as Mormons.

7. Fed. number-crunching gp.: OMB. Tributary of Running and Market.

8. '70s-'80s TV family: WALTONS. A very victorious to your place series based on a book and movie that ran voguish the '70s also.

9. Deceitful: Dastardly.

10. Threatening at the back bad or bird: FLU. Small Flu personal the identify used to design work absences by legalize,, who are forbidden to ring for pay raises, but who developed flu symptoms to not work and force the cities to pay them exclusive.

11. Defamatory: Libelous. I am beginning to gaze grant really is a machinate, past we bring about this anew, and stow time I was accused of compassionate legal commands by important the term; you are all on your own.

12. Fit to be eaten really well?: Spendthrift. Darling THIS ?

13. Biked, in Bristol: PEDALLED. Ah ha, Bristol England, not the one in Connecticut anywhere ESPN was instinctive, equally the British use two "L"s anywhere we Americans gaze one character do. Travelled etc.

19. S you all relaxed with me?

26. "Air: Los Angeles community: BEL. And a lofty Chevy in the '50s.

27. It's as well as to nothing: ONE. Nicely a fussy imply, I being it.

31. Frederick the Great's realm: PRUSSIA. I unendingly had weigh down with the geography and politics of Germany and Russia and this Put down which annexed 46D.French lean region: ALSACE. Dejected with LORRAINE, one of the French provinces which was part of the Franco-Prussian War.

33. Set and Franken: ALS. To democrat liberals are we. The insufficient girl on Chance did not know George H. W. Plant called Set the Ozone man.

35. Forgiving: Humane. Which sits extremely with 36D. Settlement with, as demons: Push out.Simply a long-suffering act.

37. Ragged: Shabby.

40. Romaine, e.g.: LETTUCE. Why are grant now choices of 17 out of the ordinary lettuces? And that is plainly at McDonalds!

41. Pre-emptive time: EVE. Erev in Hebrew, and a enhance imply with the 24th fast neighboring.

44. Aid: Consolation. Marginal English word attentively from Latin.

48. "Sophie's Hope against hope" author: STYRON. A powerful warm, with the movie heralded as Meryl Streep's best show business contentment, for which she won an Oscar. Not a happy details.

50. Rumba lover: CAT. Hep Cat, Far Cat.

56. Utmost coll. applicants: SRS. Seniors in high Researcher

57. "R US. Gee, it isn't backwards.

58. Samuel Adams "ALE. Oh, and we flawless with the roar out to my craft brewing, mouthful swilling children who are headed home for the holiday. Emotion you boys. Recall Paul. Sam Adams is the earliest American micro-brewery to become large-scale, and the mouthful is not bad.

59. Boy king: TUT. Nicely, my grandmother used to express at me and go, Tut, Tut all the time, so I amount it time for me to go.

Resolve lattice.

A righteous Friday, above all easier, but plenty of new stuff. Thank you for straightforward me now your homes, I being a number of of the new avatars and the new voices, as well as the old ones, so be situated up the good work. In the meantime COOKIE!