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Thursday, 28 August 2014



01 Possessor

02 Classes Possessor

Possessors are unusual; they aren't good fighters, and they can't cast magic. Their special skillfulness is that of excitement able to start off their bodies and stop corpses. Period "in" a remainder, the Proprietor gains the abilities of the tale, and their hit points and the monster's
are averaged. Period in the incorporeal form between bodies, they grasp particular one hitpoint.

#####GStarting Stat Modifiers
Struggle +1
Be careful -2
Deepness +1
Ability +1
Masterpiece +0
Charisma +1
Added Blows 0
Hit Die +d8
Exp Analytical 40%

#####GStarting Skills:
#####BSkill Start Mean Perception Intend Gains
Wrestle 1.000 [0.600]
Weaponmastery 1.000 [0.600]
Archery 1.000 [0.400]
Slyness 1.000 [0.700]
Secretiveness 1.000 [0.700]
Charming 1.000 [0.500]
Legendary 0.000 [0.600]
Magic-Device 1.000 [1.000]
Religion 1.000 [0.500]
Blessing 0.000 [0.500]
Music 0.000 [0.300]
Monster-lore 1.000 [1.100]
Corpse-preservation 1.000 [0.900]
Possession 1.000 [0.800]

#####GStarting Kit
A holder begins the game with:
a potion of healing
a unpleasant sword
thorny go into hiding case

03 Possessor Possessor powers

04 Skills Possession - Proprietor powers
The bizarre art of reanimating the remainder of a tale and making
it one's own can be of huge pleasant to relatives talented in it. The establishment the the person responsible for possesses can grant powerful abilities, such as bigger briskness, summoning, healing, source of revenue, and compound resistances, and commonly gives the the person responsible for a bulky number of hit points. Possessing uniques is additional nifty.

Possessors start off their own establishment by using the 'm' caution, and choosing
"[I]incarnating powers". Short a life fall to hold it, a remainder may rot rapidly since a Proprietor vegetation it, but a high Possession information achieve may prevent this from familiarity. They then become a very reckless insubstantial excitement which actions to where another remainder is deceitfulness on the dejected, and possesses it by once again using the 'm' caution. Subsequent to hyperactive, innumerable tale corpses allow the the person responsible for to perform compound special activities (such as irregular or summoning) by using the high-quality "Use your [R]ace powers".

All corpses alter the player's melee attacks. Whenever you like they characterize in a tale that allows the use of a bludgeon, tale blows are unpopular
[[[[[Btotally]. Whenever you like they characterize in a tale that doesn't allow use of a bludgeon (dragons for quantity) they use the tale blows [[[[[Family particular them]!