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Friday, 8 August 2014

Herbal Harvest

Herbal Harvest

Marigolds qualified from seed

Stick week, beforehand the part fact, I passed away some time in the garden work it herbs. It was a handsome day and I qualified a magickal time snipping, clipping and snapping (photos). (bang on photos for pompous view)

This sunflower is a gift from the pleasure-seeking plants. A bumblebee is too moving to appreciate me plunder his photo.

In the moon garden, this big-leaf hydrangea had white blooms, and now is service pinkish-green. This is its above flavor, and nonetheless being worn-out down occupy day by an dedicated weed-whacking HH (heartening hubby) did very well this day.

My work it basket is starchy up with spiritual guide, chamomile, thyme, honeysuckle blooms, roses, basil, sage, marigolds and nasturtiams. The aromas are powerful.

Marigolds life-force dry faster by pulling the addition drying inside are nasturtiams and honeysuckle

A salver of green herbs beginning the drying funds

Bundles of herbs to grasp up for drying

All these herbs, whilst dry, life-force be positioned in labeled jars to use for magickal purposes. The whole funds from planting the seeds, tending to them as they perform, subsequently work it and drying is done with reverance and magickal spellbound. I arrive on the scene direction to using my own herbs in spell work and ritual. This has been a true tramp of love.