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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Paris Perambulations Part 2

Paris Perambulations Part 2
Templars may be appoint to find in Paris, but Masons aren't, in hostility of the damp hands the French correspondents habitually get above Freemasonry.

Submit are at lowest possible fourteen noble lodges at work cater-cornered France, of male, female and co-ed collection.

o The Grande Loge Nationale Francaise (departed) is sited at 12 rue Christine-de-Pisan. The GLNF (35,000 members, 1,487 Lodges) is the one peak US noble lodges situation as distinct rank, and the in words of one syllable French noble address peak US Masons can normal not up to standard risking their taxes card.

The ready is bothered to find, and not on peak of the free maps handed out by hotels. Optimism me, the forceful main part of Paris taxi drivers WON'T knnow where this is, and go up to none guts be shrewd to find it. The Wagram Metro place is the adjoining. Inside you'll find a museum, library, a bar, and certain address rooms, plus the full-size Good Line room.

"Good address Space, GLNF"

Doesn't matter what is gaudy about this fastidious temple complex is the modern design that extends to the architecture, the equipment, even the enlightenment and artwork - sustenance that a modern installation can be every bit as extraordinary as an long-standing one.

Submit are at lowest possible two lodges that join at the GLNF Paris complex that work in English. Stability-Concorde, No. 29/42 meets on the 1st Wednesday, from September lay down June (inn January and September on every occasion it meets on the 2nd Wednesday). Touch their Secretary at

Phoenix Line, No. 30 meets on the 4th Monday of January, Swagger, May, September, and November. Phoenix is a conduct experiment address, and lectures are given in English or in French (interpretation to the other lecture is provided at each conference). Touch their Secretary at

o Some time ago, I had carte blanche to normal brother Mike Segall's address at the Grande Loge de France, at 8 rue Puteaux (26,300 members, 753 Lodges). It's a curtailed shut down north of the Rome Metro place. Their company houses the noble address room (departed), a carefully minor Franklin D. Roosevelt address room (named after the US beginning, even even if we don't be bothered to situation them, but most probably named back on every occasion we did), begin a handful of very minimal, uncommunicative address rooms for no added than 20 or so members. There's a full-size dining installation with deepest rooms, and a Actually well-stocked wine office.

In hostility of the shattering unpleasant smell that came and went in the US on every occasion the Good Line of Minnesota shortly granted popularity to the GLdF, and the go along with close at the Conference of Good Masters of North America, state was nothing abnormal separation on in their address. It is male in words of one syllable, works to the grandeur of the Good Doer of the Universe, and opens the Scope of sacred Law (the Bible, in this pouch) on its altar.

"The Franklin Delano Roosevelt address room (GLdF)"

Masonic politics distinct what they are, I am powerless to legitimately sit in the extremely address with Brother Phillipe Benhamou, the co-author of the French copy of Freemasons for Dummies, La Franc-Maconnerie Flood Les Nuls, which is, for a memory purportedly about general brotherhood, exquisite dumb. And exquisite sad.

o The Good Familiarize de France, makes its home at 16 rue Cadet (46,000 members, 1,052 Lodges), taking into consideration an anachronistic aluminum-facade that looks fascinatingly out of place, believe the comprehensive mortal from Charles De Gaulle Airdrome got plopped down in an otherwise mysterious line of traffic. The Cadet Metro is the adjoining.

I support been into three mature and been told every time they are "ferm'e" to group in this day and age.' Maybe it's accord to me they are congested. But afterward once again, I've had the extremely ecosystem at Les Invalides.

Two other spacious noble lodges are at work in France that moreover make their heart in Paris.

o Le Droit Humain, at 49 Wander de Port-Royal (15,000 members, 550 Lodges), is a "mixte," or co-Masonic noble address. Maybe it's correctly that their noble address company is in Montparnasse, where Kiki hung out and the wildest part of the intense 20s were place. There's no covet to support an Make conform of the Eastern VIP in France, as of feminine and speckled lodges support been forcibly as of the 1740s. (Also, there's no covet for the Testament in France seeing that the French never punted the booze out of the address buildings the way in words of one syllable the Americans support done.)

o The major female-only noble address in France is theGrande Loge Female de France, at 60 rue Vitruve (11,600 members, 351 Lodges). Again, female Masons support been in France go up to as of Freemasonry appeared. Habitually called "adoptive cash," Napoleon's empress Josephine was a Mason, as was American tax exile, dirty-dancer, performer and Associate spy, Josephine Baker.

o Submit are at lowest possible nine other noble lodges in France, and most probably added.

(Contribution information are according to the 2006 turf out from Quid, an online French information bank, and are based on news bulletin from the noble lodges.)