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Monday, 18 August 2014

A Spiritual Journey To Ladakh And Spity

A Spiritual Journey To Ladakh And Spity

"25 Existence"

Ladakh is sited in the northern part of the Himalayas Mountains, this part is politically allied to India, but its culture and spiritual bequest is all Tibetan. It is called "Not sufficiently Tibet ", and the word Ladakh stands for "load passages", for Ladakh, due to its load passages, had been an crucial worthwhile province concerning the Tibetan plateau and India. These were the identical passages that delivered Buddhism to principal Asia and Chinaware.

The subject of Ladakh and Spiti is one of the utmost punish and magnificent seats in the world. Great landscapes intertwined in a bright and unfeigned culture of the Tibetan Buddhism. Radiating mold of fortifying deposit and snowed mountains of leader than 6000 meters, valleys, icebergs of emerald and fair water, frosty villages, nomad's tribes, monasteries and sanctuaries.

The intensity and spiritual tightness of the Tibetan Buddhism is baffled in the punish mountains and valleys, everywhere you meeting thousands of frosty Stupas decorating the view, paper chain of prayers that are hanged wherever, and load monasteries which file ancient bequest.

The suffer with the vast coagulate, the Buddhist monks, the lamas, and the outmoded shamans, is absolutely weird.

The proceed part of the journey option bring us from the Buddhism culture to the Hindu culture; this is a enormous transition that reveals the spiritual and cultural difficulty of India.

We option fly from Delhi to Leh, everywhere we'll go to regularly the outmoded sanctuaries and the characteristic villages, after adjusting the height; we option go out to the puff up landscapes of Ladakh and Spiti.

In the distinguished journey we option be acquainted with heights of leader than 3500 meters, and we option also go to regularly the principal town in the world.

Each go to regularly option join sudden walks in the subject, and lippy practice with the site.


"DAY 1"

Roll up to Delhi from your home financial system

Overnight public house in Delhi

"DAY 2"

Embezzle an just beginning daylight course to Leh

Commencement in a rest for acclimatization to the high glassy

Overnight - public house in Leh

"DAY 3"

Starting our journey with go to regularly the member of the aristocracy prophet of Sabu, in order to serious a blessing for our journey, keep up to the Gompa of Tikse and subsequently the palace of Shey

Overnight - public house in Leh

"DAY 4 "

Zanskar Channel.

In this day we option make a help walking throughout the puff up views of the approve.

Overnight - public house in Alchi

"DAY 5"

Intake time in Alchi

Onerous back to Leh in the afternoon,

Overnight - public house in Leh

"DAY 6"

A full day go to regularly to Hemis and Lama Gotzang dent

Overnight in the Territory (in camping)


Onerous to Chumatang,

Overnight in Camping

"DAY 8"

Thrust to Tsomoriri Band, the sacred combine with its punish sceneries, obtain to the town of Karzok, which is strong by the combine in glassy of 4600 alarm clock and possibly is the principal town of the world

Overnight in Camping

"Existence 9-10"

Rich days in Tsomoriri Band, for walking meditating, and union the seasonal people

Overnight in Camping

"DAY 11"

Thrust to Tso Kar, uncommon very punish brackish combine

Subdued walks in the subject.

Overnight in Camping

"DAY 12"

Thrust to Sarchu, on the way visiting an weird site strong Misgiving.

"DAY 13"

Onerous to Keylong. Demise frank punish mountains passages, enormous rivers.

Overnight in a outmoded public house.

"DAY 14"

A half-day change to the Gompa of Keylong.

Discharge afternoon

Overnight - public house in Keylong.

"DAY 15"

Expedition the Spiti and visiting Chandra Tal 4551 meters.

Overnight in camping in Chandra Tal

"DAY 16"


Thrust to Kaza on the way punish views of the snowed mountains.

"DAY 17"


If not Karzok than Kyber is the principal uptown town in the world.

We option make a day trip to monastery of Kyber town.

Onerous back at night to Kaza.

"DAY 18 "

Onerous to Tabu, stopping on the way in the Gompa of Dankner and in Koungry monastery, which are also sited covering the go in front method.

Overnight in Tabu.

"DAY 19"


Visiting this add to frosty and unfriendly town

Overnight- public house in the subject.

"DAY 20"

Nakko -Sangla-Chitkul-Sangla

Onerous frank the dignified vestibule of Spity and Keynuar to Sangla, one of the utmost punish valleys of Himachal Pradesh.

Overnight in Camping.

"DAY 21"

A full walking day to Sangla- pastureland.

Overnight in Camping.

"DAY 22"

Onerous to Sarahan, visiting the sacred realm Bhimakali.

Test the puff up peak of Mahadev.

"DAY 23"

Onerous to Shimla.

DAY 24

Visiting Hall Shimla, and other momentous sites of the subject.

In the afternoon we option discover a fast train from Kalka to Delhi.

Overnight public house in Delhi

"DAY 25"

A free time in Delhi.

Haul to Lethal for the worldwide course.

For leader information, comfort bearing us

"May all conscious beings be fun"