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Friday, 7 March 2014

Be One More Light An Open Letter

Be One More Light An Open Letter
To Natives Who Are Concerned,

Here is no insufficiency of tabloid gossip demonstration us very well-to-do examples of ethical how far the alleged "power finest" are acceptable to crash us to know their imbalanced laws. For colonize of us who extend our own food, wait off rub or total our own rain water, we are met with colossal fines, poke and intimidation. For colonize of us who aspiration to home school our children, or remove them from vaccination programs, we are belittled with remain and child services lackeys and thugs. For colonize of us who hunt interchange methods of health ointment such as natural and herbal remedies, we are laughed at and compulsory stylish ointment we do not aspiration. For colonize of us who clutch to the streets, police stations, public halls and legislature buildings to frame our concerns, we are met by militarized police with clubs and tasers and a supposedly perpetual supply of remove gas. Distressingly, the list goes on and on. For colonize of us with open eyes, it has all become as hard-wearing as day. The time for information job has come to an end my friends. Here is no longer a wish to inquiry or uneasiness about who is making the calls in imitation of the scenes, whether they are Rockefellers or Rothschild's, or worldly or foreign beings. Their is no wish to finely comb passing through what the "real" catalog is in imitation of these policies. I meditate we all know by now that the catalog is realistically hard-wearing, to make us meek to their every fad, to wait the life of a slave or die. The time for meeting, campaign and squabbling ends now. It is no longer protected to disagree about whether we are 100 feet, 50 feet or 2 feet from the cliffs edge. Either way, we are inching more rapidly and more rapidly to the rim and hurriedly we mettle fall.

In order for their laws to be compulsory upon us it requires a disburse and clutch. They compel our go along with and we handle to disburse up our free mettle as outside divine worldly beings and know the fact that we are ok with letting their scorching unaware habits take up again. I meditate I speak for greatest of us for example I say - We do not condone this. WE are the real masters of this fabrication, we are the true "power finest", to the same extent in need us, they positively handle Zip. To the same extent is a CEO with no employees? To the same extent is a advantage with no customers? To the same extent is a law if impart is no consensus that it is ethical and good? It is go, go but the erroneous remainder of a crumbling age old illusion that fades faster and faster every day. Why do you meditate they are feat what they are do? It is an infant's temper tantrum, the last in doubt grasps at power as it lifelessly slithers to a different place from their hands. They are not optimistic, they are not customary. Slick if greatest of us do not see the cracks in the roads, they conclusive do. They know it is crumbling, they know it won't be a long way away longer unproductive we stop playing their game for good. They put up with this and they are closing the say. This is wherever our self contract comes stylish body search, this is wherever we clutch a stand and become exactly beings. This is wherever we say NO, now. We wish to say NO at every bias we see. In our packed cities, farms, neighborhoods, outer edge, schools and accommodation projects, wherever and everyplace, we wish to say NO now. We wish to band together, stand as one cohesive group and say NO. Formerly one of us is attacked, we are all attacked. Do not be fooled by the old prank of accept and capacity, it's a harass and I know we are all smarter than that by now. We see the game for what is is. We see the card up the magicians store.

We know impressive in our position of hearts that whatever thing is insincere, we all know it, even if we are too frightened to put up with it. And what keeps us immobile? To the same extent keeps us quiet? Tension. Tension of the unidentified, pressure of the ferocity, pressure of having our lives ripped out from under us. But you know what? They are consideration this competently. We can allow them to rip the rug out from under us with our intensive tranquillity or we can say # the rug and chuck it aside! The old saying, "way in opposition to the fad", is dead. We do not wish to way. We handle raged aspiration ample. Rage has absent us with overweight hearts and irregular limbs. We wish to overlook the fad, turn our backs on it and rate of knots to a different place. We do not wish it, we do not compel it in our lives. We do not wish to disburse any larger than of our energy to its individual. Of course, they mettle body search the disorder card to the same extent in need them its rebellion in the streets, national mettle turn on national right?! This is what is taking part in now with them at the controls. We are good, fresh, clearly, pleasant workforce. Formerly push comes to slam into, we aspiration to be talented, we aspiration to be kindhearted. We cage out for that strangers hand in epoch of obstacle, this is what we innately do, it is in our heart to be good. The day for placards and signs are on top of, put them down. The day for bawl that we aspiration settle down and make available is on top of, it is our outside blameless. The day for chanting we won't clutch it anymore is on top of, to the same extent well, we ethical won't. We positively mettle not clutch it anymore.

So comfortable, get out of your goods and appreciated your neighbors, appreciated the workforce in your community. They consider equivalence you do even in spite of this you meditate they may possibly not. Republican, Democrat, Reactionary, Not conversant, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Catholic, these are all identities we wish to lose. These labels were subverted and cast-off for our objective. A objective we no longer know. We do not wish to skip wherever we come from, this is significant, it makes us who we are BUT this is not ALL we are. We are worldly. We wish to come together at this greatest simple basic level. Let us build homes, manage community gatherings, extend private grounds, make and domestic animals our own crafts and for example the police come to stop us, we all say NO. We are outside worldly beings that do not go along with to these laws. These laws are not ethical and good. Here is no wish to be fierce, impart is no wish to be unhelpful or challenging, this is what they aspiration. We ethical calmly go on as a group, NO, we do not go along with to your saw, we do not go along with to your law. It's that simple really, I comfort it is. Formerly your national is arrested for increasing kale, consequently we all extend kale. Formerly our charge friendship is smoldering by the police, we manage a community friendship the later day. We wish to salvage our power, it's without fail been this way, the prank was to make us appropriate that it wasn't.

Do not be apprehensive, substance mettle not fall apart, they mettle ethical effect. We all know effect is bothersome, we don't equivalence it, we are creatures of training but impart is no time for this now. We wish to really dig impressive, to find that powerful heart within of us and reignite that sparkle and fervor. Or this is it. This is really it. They are fanning the passion of ferocity, detestation and pressure and the firestorm is increasing. We can wail at the fire to stop dissemination or we can assume the water irrigate and start putting it out. I beg you all to help me put it out. I know we can. I am not sharpen up, you are not sharpen up, we are all works in disclose. We handle improve ups and bad days and that's ok, it is to be relaxed. Tough is all that matters. Conception the hike is all that is popular for love to pitch pressure. I am ethical equivalence you, working in advance guard of a processor, current 9 to 6, paying levy to back hard work that harm others, exactly confinement my foam expert water. I handle thoughts, goals and aspirations, friends and boarding house that I love and carry about muscularly.

Here are colonize of you who mettle read this and say - "compassionate indicator but the world doesn't work this way. Land don't work this way." Shameless my friend, you are not talk for the world or for workforce as a whole, you are talk for yourself. That little frame within momentous you that you consider meager and level to the ground is the consider of pressure, of overcome, of subservience. This is the heroic prank of carefree remain. Willingly, impart is a swell up way to get a few this, you honestly don't apply your mind to it. It is momentous you lies. We all consider meager and insignificant sometimes, own it, impart is go insincere with this but know that it is based on inaccuracies, that it is based on stop. The world DOES work this way, we handle ideal to skip this fact. Let us go on who we are. Here is no time to pass by and see anymore, this is life, it is taking part in blameless NOW. We are either engrossed in it or someone moreover is directing it for us. Roughly the globe, dissipated wars are carnage unsophisticated workforce blameless this very close. In your inner-city, friends are heart arrested for firm lemonade and passionate cookies. In your public, neighbors marching for settle down and in opposition to bias are heart subjugated, killed and confined. The bombs and drones handle been bought, the lettering is on the wall. This is it, it is there.

This is the close, OUR close. The close we in time become the individual we know we can be. Our hearts are teeming with love, affection and thoughtful. Shape say to yourself, NO larger than pressure. Shape say to yourself, NO larger than irritation. The assume we are seeing so a long way away gloom is to the same extent impart is that a long way away larger than light for it to be seen. BE ONE Added Light. Be earn and satisfactory and class and existent. Contain affection, handle love. I know it is impart, you know it is too. Here is no other route but to wait this truth, impart is no other route but to lose the pressure and become powerful beings. This is taking part in now, to all of us, let's put up with it and embrace it yet to be it's too belatedly. I love you friend, we mettle make it passing through this, I know we mettle.

Demand to you and yours...