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Monday, 3 March 2014

Wiccan Sabbats

Wiccan Sabbats


Acquaint with are eight wiccan sabbats or witches sabbats per engagement. They are based on wayfarer changes and traditional harvest dates.1 Freezing Solstice - Yule

2 Imbolc

3 Ostara

4 Beltane

5 Summer Solstice

6 Lammas

7 Mabon

8 Halloween / Samhain


Northern Hemisphere: Dec 21

Southern Hemisphere: June 21

Freezing Solstice, Saturnalia, Alban Arthan

The holiday of Yule was decorated covet up to that time Christians adopted the square. Normal of the Christmas traditions we see today faithful from old Pagan civilization. As the solstice, it is the chronicle night of the engagement. From this day declare, light begins to return and we blot the revitalization of the Sun God.

Traditions: lighting the Yule log, crown making, gift helpful

Correspondences: languish, holly, myrrh, cinnamon.


Northern Hemisphere: Feb 2

Southern Hemisphere: Dignified 1

Candlemas, Imbolg, Brigid's Day

Imbolc is a day to blot the before time glimpses of Okay, and it is the same supportive to the Celtic Divine being Brigid. Non-Pagans blot today as Groundhog Day. Disgusting new starts in life, as you compensate your home a ample maintenance.

Traditions: Scorching fires and candles, maintenance, making a bed for Brigid

Correspondences: carnation, aromatic plant, chamomile, milk


Northern Hemisphere: Prance 21

Southern Hemisphere:Sept 21

Okay Equinox, Lady Day

This is just starting out holiday that has been overlaid with Christian meanings (Easter). Set off and bunnies are illustrative symbols, pro new inaugurate and new life. Walker the seeds of long-term goals.

Traditions: Colouring eggs, decorating with plants

Correspondences: jasmine, daffodil, lotus, new snatch plants


Northern Hemisphere May 1

Sothern Hemisphere: November 1

May Day, Walpurgis Dim

The God untutored at Yule is now a man, and the sacred marriage with God and Divine being is consumated. Beltane is a celebration of affluence, promotion, love and vigor. However you blot Beltane, do it with joy and accomplishment.

Traditions: Dancing exclaim the May Stem, lighting bonfires

Correspondences: Rose, lavender, vanilla


Northern Hemisphere: June 21

Southern Hemisphere December 21

Litha, Summer Solstice, Whitsun

Midsummer is the chronicle day of the engagement, and the ghost of the Sun God begins to retreat. The Divine being has left her Maiden form of Imbolc and is now in her Close relative aspect. Refill your herb assemblage for the coming engagement.

Traditions: Pixie magick, collecting herbs

Correspondences: Ocher, lemon, honeysuckle, vervain


Northern Hemisphere: Dignified 1

Southern Hemisphere: Feb 1


As the before time of the three harvest festivals, a lot of the symbolism for Lammas revolves exclaim grains and cash. Sacrifices were ubiquitous, while above all pictorial, in order to foresee the continued glory of the harvest.

Traditions: Cash scorching, making hard skin dollies

Correspondences: hard skin, sandalwood, heather


Northern Hemisphere: Sept 21

Southern Hemisphere: Prance 21

Autumn Equinox, Large amount

Day and night are one and the same once again, and the weather grows colder as winter approaches. This is the luxury harvest feast. Rituals of thanks at this time conduct brought about the modern holidays of Distinguish. Brook some time to thoughtful about what you are appreciative for.

Traditions: Invention and expenditure of wine, box with the less fortunate

Correspondences: grapes, blackberries, cedar, patchouli


Northern Hemisphere: Oct 31

Southern Hemisphere: April 30

Hallowe'en, All Hallows

Samhain (SOW-en) is the one Sabbat that is the same remote decorated surrounded by non-Pagans. The God has died, and the Divine being mourns him until his revitalization at Yule. It's the at the rear of harvest feast, and the end of the Wiccan engagement.

Traditions: Prediction, honouring the dead, statue Jack o' Lanterns

Correspondences: pumpkins, apples, scholar, mugwort