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Monday, 31 March 2014

Abhidhamma Free Live Online Seminar

Abhidhamma Free Live Online Seminar
The "Abhidhamma" is the Buddha's "Advanced Teachings" addressing model truths.

* WHAT: Stay, Accommodating Online Hall
* WHEN: Subsequently a month, beginning at the end of January, 2011
* TEXT: Sorting out the Mysteries of Mind ">LANGUAGES: one class in English, one in Chinese (big name)
* INSTRUCTOR: Sayalay Susila is an expert Theravada Buddhist nun, "Vipassana" (Thoughtful) meditation schoolteacher, and graduate of the Learned of Science in Malaysia. Sayalay competent under the distinguished Burmese meditation master Sayadaw U. Pandita. Thereafter, she undertook a course of study with Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw at Pa Auk Plant Monastery focusing on Harmony and Thoughtful practices as well as Abhidharma, Sutra, and Pali studies. She is well established for her clear and free Abhidhamma teaching and its purpose to dailly life, having taught in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, as well as in Buddhist Centers diagonally Canada, the Ally States, and Australia. Her league and Powerpoint presentations are lengthily praised as intriguing and algebraic. She has two books in script," The Nine Attributes of the Buddha" (Chinese) and "Sorting out the Mysteries of Mind & Thing sincere Abhidhamma "(English). She speaks lucid English, Chinese, and Burmese.
* Expand information and to album, (860) 869-5350. Ins and outs

Definite adequately registered participants will make this time possible!

* Expand shared fix in place online classes: Mahayana Buddhist Reflection in India (led by Dr. Teng) and Soul Extent Discourses ("Majjhima Nikaya") Online Study Group: Schoolbook
* Chinese: Online Pali course taught in Mandarin
* Font Assistant has copious articles, hearing, video, Dharma league, and e-books to smoothly guide and erect learning Buddhist conjecture and practice by distinguished teachers. (For time reminders, send email to be added to strike home list).
* Connecticut events: 2010 Friday Day's end Deliberation Stand with Ven. Dhammadipa. (Fa Yao, Abbot of CYM, NY)
* Visual imagery of each month's topics
* Buddhist Study Crowd together English (registration obligatory) coming Oct. 8th at the New Britain YMCA, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
* Buddhist Study Crowd together Glastonbury: Oct. 9th, 10 am to lunchtime
* Handy Consideration Youth Group: Oct. 23rd with an cumbersome Chinese study group chatter and video teaching
* Daily Deliberation Crowd together in Glastonbury: Oct. 14, 21, 28

* 3 Day Monastic Carry out Retreat: Bilingual English/Chinese, 9/30/10 (Thursday) to 10/3/10 (Sunday)

This spend time with will introduce the "Argument Sutra" in Chinese as well as Sanskrit. Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi has been invited to lead the group in contemplating issues of life and death ("Maranasati, "mindfulness of death")"." Ven. Dhammadipa (Abbot Fa-yao) will as well teach this practice (called "Marananusmrti" meditation in Sanskrit). Evoke leads to the end result of the requisite of practicing exactly. * Mandarin:
* English: