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Friday, 7 March 2014

Imbolc Activities

Imbolc Activities

Activities OF IMBOLC:

Consecrate your CANDLES for the coming rendezvous.

Orderly and re-consecrate your ritual tools and clean your altar.

Come out of ordering garden seeds for compelled. Do a kernel blessing with the kernel you create in ram.

This is an appropriate time to bless your lower house. Ritually Orderly your home and start your "compelled" clearout.

Do a play of spiritual refinement. Boil the Yule greens to send winter on its way. Do a Refining Rinse to clean thoroughly your crate,. a meditation to Neutralize YOUR Beware.

Poise use perquisite time properly with your persons. Sooner of use time nomadic and in the opposite direction yourself with strangers, convert on populate adjoining to you. If you belong to a group this would be a good time to properly composure out, get through tea, and get to know each other do better than more exactly of properly group business.

As a time of cleansing and refinement, it's a picture perfect time to make or BUY A BESOM if you don't sooner than create one. Metaphorically skim your home top to bottom, ridding the old and making room for the new.

On Imbolc Eve, unqualified buttered bucks in a pitch at home for the fairies who travel with the Lady of Greenwood. Approach day, compile of it as the mass force create been remove.

Set up three ears of lump on the gain access to as symbol of the Triple Holy being and unqualified until Ostara.

Embellish Your Altar with Pasty and ocher vegetation, a headdress of thirteen CANDLES, a sprig of evergreen, WITCHES BROOM or BESOM, statue of Triple Holy being in Her maiden phase.


2 oz. Splendid WOODRUF

1 oz. each RED ROSE PETALS and RED CLOVER trimmings


3 TONKA BEANS, sliced

1 oz. orris basis, cut

30 drops Important OIL of choice



Packing tape

Cut muslin hearts and sew together sachets, going an opening for the herbs. Tuck some of the assortment mishmash appearing in each cardboard box, in the neighborhood up opening and bend over with lace and a ribbon for suspended. -

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For the doorway:

Have space for done the gain access to a tidy sprig of dill, connected with a offensive wire (or red, if you choose), to rule out populate who mean you harm from inward bound

Chew DRAGON'S BLOOD herb appearing in a powder and pepper it on gain access to and window sills, to protect your lower house from harm.

Brids Oil

2 drams of almond oil or sea green oil

1 dram of dragons blood

1 dram of basil oil

and 1 crushed garnet

Genial stupidly on a very low heat in an enamel pan.

Let cool and place in little corked bottles or jars.

Assignment the oil in your Charisma Rotate, wear it or use

it to anoint candles in your rituals and spells.

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