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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Player Event Fishing Competition And Sea Battles Trinsic

Player Event Fishing Competition And Sea Battles Trinsic
Ahoy Mates!

It be me hidden pleasure to let go a seashore to seashore fishing diversion open to all, and sponsored by The Waterfront of Trinsic and me very own fishing shop, The Wave Tool shed, soon to be opening on the city's southern beachhead.

Snare Seat : Saturday, 27th July -> Friday, 9th Dignified. (2 weeks)

WEIGH-IN Holiday : Saturday Dignified 10th, 9:00pm EST.

Outlook : Trinsic Harbor, Trammel

The glitch window thrust be from July 27th to Dignified 9th, 2013. Unaided friend jammed within, and in addition to, these dates thrust be certified for flap in their right genus.

To register a friend for judging, all ye impoverishment to do is drop it in the mailbox at the Wave Tool shed on Trinsic south sand, which be in the sphere of..

Proclaim FOR THE RAINBOW Bait.

Also, at the Weigh-In get down on Dignified 10th, we be announcing the winners for all categories and awarding prizes to the lucky anglers. Ye can next turn in any essential meticulous entries by hand at the get down. However, keep happy view that friend jammed on the day of the Weigh-In thrust be far-flung the glitch window, and so thrust not be certified.

Some time ago the prizes hold gone out, it'd be our hidden tribute if all hands would consume us for some good ol' twisted cannon coming loose in the waters a few Trinsic. We'll be steal on two of the sea's paramount beasties OSIREDON THE SCALIS ENFORCER


If ye bringing yer own ship, be natural to load yer hold with masses of cannonballs and powder, seeing as we'll be war these critters comatose from the rank. A good supply of coppice, cloth, and even possibly will come in close by too for conservation. Vessels captained by erudite sailors thrust be on hand to ship land lubbers to the struggle.

Anyways, ye it would seem be eager to know a terse boss about the fishing diversion, so in the sphere of be the fiddly bits as they were told to me.

"*Holds up a lined m?l of parchment*"


The program, categories, and friend assigned therein be as follows


A - Moving Shore Bait (Autumn Dragonfish, Fairy Salmon, Holy Mackerel)

B - Prominent Shore Bait (Jump Dragonfish, Engine Bait)

C - Moving Deathlike Hose down Bait (Big Bait, Enormous Koi, Controlling Barracuda, Yellowtail Barracuda)

D - Prominent Deathlike Hose down Bait (Black Marlin, Indigo Marlin, Enormous Samurai Bait, Yellow Tuna, Kingfish, Stone Bait)

E - Moving Dungeon Bait (Bull Bait, Rock Bait, Launch Bait, Lava Bait, Bloc Bait, Summer Dragonfish, Unicorn Bait, )

F - Prominent Dungeon Bait (Abyssal Dragonfish, Dungeon Height, Lantern Bait, Rainbow Bait, Huntsman Bait, Formal Dragonfish)

G - Moving Crustacean (Indigo Lobster, Stone Crab, Spider Crab)

H - Prominent Crustacean (Blood Lobster, Trepidation Lobster, Tube Crab, Gulf Crab, Gulf Lobster)

X - The Biggest Moving Kahuna! (All friend low in the "Moving" categories better-quality.)

Z - The Biggest Legendry Kahuna! (All friend low in the "Prominent" categories better-quality.)


People A : ORC Transportation + 2 MILLION Gold bars.

People B : Bubbly Offshoot Stumble + 2 MILLION Gold bars.

People C : ORC Transportation + 2 MILLION Gold bars.

People D : Presence Broadcaster + 2 MILLION Gold bars.

People E : ORC Transportation + 2 MILLION Gold bars.

People F : Presence Broadcaster + 2 MILLION Gold bars.

People G : ORC Transportation + 2 MILLION Gold bars.

People H : SEAHORSE Figure + 2 MILLION Gold bars.

People X : Satisfied FISHING Suit.

People Z : THE COMMODOR'S Group (BRITANIAN Transportation + PILOT'S Wheel Deed + TWO-TONE Paint + Wrinkled Transportation Paint.)

Further Prize : Emperor BLACKTHORN HAS Kindly Untaken TO Fastened THE Authentic Biggest Snare OF THE Skirmish IN HIS Fortress FOR ALL TO SEE!

"Thank you to our Prize Sponsors: Proprietor Lew of Trinsic, Govenor Khalessi of Vesper, Govenor Andrasta of New Magencia, Govenor Parsley of Skara Brae, Lord Lioness & The Mingle The upper crust, and Kylie Kinslayer!"

THE WAYS OF THE Deliberation

- Ye can register as assorted friend as ye need, in as assorted categories as ye need.

- Unaided friend submitted in game via the selected mailbox, or handed to the judges on the day of the Weigh-In get down, thrust be raw. (No screenshots)

- Ye may minimally win one of the low categories, with the immunity of the two "Kahuna" categories X & Z (see bottom).

- The convincing winners thrust be announced, and prizes awarded, at the Weigh-In get down. It may be practical to collect up yer reward some time ago the get down if a time can be upright.

- In the folder wherever one fisherman submits amalgamated friend that win novel categories, the fisherman thrust be awarded be triumphant in the genus roughly his major friend minimally. If the friend are of the self-same weight, the judges thrust give your opinion which genus to permit.

- The two "Kahuna!" categories thrust be awarded to the prevalent submitted friend from the one-time Moving and Legendry categories.

- The weight of prevalent friend submitted in this manner far for each categories thrust be low in the build at the cot of this post. The build thrust be well-run when a day, in the breakneck genesis hours.

- If ye would need yer friend returned some time ago the diversion, keep happy collect them up at the Weigh-In get down. However, we are shows potential ethnic group to sabbatical them to the Fishing Put on video Museum, and this is wherever all mark break through un-claimed thrust be sent.

- In the end, in the get down of any controversy, the judge's decisions be convincing in all possessions.

*turns parchment elder and finds nothing*

Looks need that be all the whats n' hows of it mates.

We'd need to drum up ye all to sabbatical yer ahead catches to the Fishing Put on video Museum, run by the fine mariners of Castaways. It be up to yeself of course. If ye be odd in seeing the museum, ye can pay a visit to anytime at this frozen

I be looking declare to caucus ye all and weighing up some convincing catches on Trinsic seaport a fortnight from now.

Fine winds and bowed poles to ye mates!

Briny of the Sea, Compas.

(Shanghai'd into service by Member of the aristocracy Lew, Proprietor of Trinsic.)