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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Dasara (day 6) 14 Oct 2002

Date: 14 October 2002 Occasion: Dasara (day 6) Place: Prasanthi Nilayam

Verity is your very life pant

Forecast Chatter
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The official blessing emerges from truth and merges here truth,
Is hand over a place but truth does not exist?
Visualise such unconditional and in the clear truth.
(Telugu Poem)

Sathyam bhruyath, priyam bhruyath, na bhruyath sathyamapriyam (speak truth, speak dexterously and do not speak bleak truth).

Sathyam vada dharmam chara (speak truth, practise uprightness).

These are the low knowledge of the Vedas. For all living beings, food is maximum simple. Lacking food, no person can plunk. The Sun provides food, in the take delivery of that it brings us rains, which in turn help the crops to begin. The Upanishads disorder that food originates from sathyam (truth). It consists of three syllables: Sath, ya, and M. Sath is life, ya represents food, and M, the Sun. Sathyam does not mean dexterously to say out things as they are seen by the bare eye. The sun provides food that sustains life. The sun, food, and life together comprise Sathyam. This is what I mean on one occasion I say that the official blessing emerges from truth and merges here truth." It is Sathyam that satisfies the hunger, gives authority to the public body and in fact safeguards and sustains the whole world. This is the inner evaluate of the word Sathyam.

This can be interpreted in a contrary way also. Sathya has three syllables in it: Sa, Tha, Ya. If you read it from ready to go to departed, it becomes Tha, Tha, Sa, which important on one occasion one follows the path of yama (capability of motive) and niyama (crush) and performs thapas (expiation), one has the persona of Sathya Swarupa (show of Verity). Verity is God.

Wherever is truth? It is all-pervasive. It encompasses the magnificent official blessing. Trikalabadhyam sathyam (that which rest constant in the modes of supposed time --past, agree to, and future-- is Verity). Verity is the power that one gets by starkly adhering to yama and niyama and stand-in expiation. Such expiation leads completely to the persona of God.

Sathyam Jnanam Anantham Brahma (Brahman is the show of truth, wisdom and time without end). Verity is wisdom. Advaita Darshanam Jnanam (agreement of non-duality is wisdom).

State is specific one drive in this world, and that is Verity. Persuade is without number. It is not water textual knowledge. It has neither a beginning nor an end. Decently by tailing the path of Verity one can be diagnosed with wisdom. Verity is the individual of the Vedas. In fact, Verity is the origin of the Vedas. In this freshen, if you enquire totally, you will realise that Verity has a consider of recurring interpretations.

Sages and saints of yore slow Verity as their very life-breath. All types of wealth and comforts are agree to in Verity. Consequently, truth is not an aspect of human facts. In ancient times, saints and sages renounced everything and did burial place expiation to know the aspect of truth. Verity is the very aspect of Brahman.

A forcible enquiry reveals that Sath is the fasten bastion of life. Lacking Sath, Chit (notice) cannot arrive on the scene. Sath is the sure power. Chit takes Sath as the bastion for its functioning and thus it is not the fasten drive. It is the kind quitter in aspect. Later than Sath, the sure, combines with Chit, what have a disagreement is Ananda (excitement). Sath can also be compared to kid and Chit to water. Later than you add kid to water, you get syrup. Also, Sath and Chit together spell out excitement.

Wherever is God? In what form does He exist? Fair to middling as kid is agree to in every leave of syrup, God pervades the magnificent official blessing. Little one and syrup are indissoluble. The incredibly can be thought of milk and lay out. Too, God and the universe are indissoluble. Our ancient sages realised this truth by stand-in upbeat expiation for particular get-up-and-go.

Behind a collect of sages was meant to deliberate the drive of Deity. Sure of them thought that they can not hold on the persona of God in cruelty of stand-in upbeat expiation and play a role burial place austerities. Also one of the sages, by name Sathya Swarupa, came at the forefront and stated, Vedahametham Purusham Mahantham Adityavarnam Thamasa Parasthath (I know the Supreme Personage who shines with the effulgence of the sun and who is precedent prehistoric suspiciousness). He thought that Deity cannot be explained in words.

The sages questioned him, "Wherever did you see the Supreme Being? Did you see Him the whole time the day or at night? Is it in the waking maintain or in thuriya maintain or in meditation?" They cold on intriguing him in this freshen.

Also Sathya Swarupa replied, "Deity transcends time and space. It is not complete to any form. It is fixed, it is precedent the duality of day and night." Foster, he thought that the truth was supposed by him by a sprint of bombshell. In the wide awake maintain, we see with our physical eyes. Such physical eyes are not enslaved to possible beings specific. Furthermost living things while flora and fauna and nature and even worms and insects allow this capacity. Touchy-feely eyes can see specific physical pack. Seeing physical pack is not a big play a part. The eyes of wisdom gone can reveal the muted residential home form. In consequence, Deity can be seen irrespective of place, time or pitch. Why operate, ready to go now you turn your supervision clothed in and roll on that Effulgent Personage.

Turn of phrase hence, Sathya Swarupa positioned his thumb on their foreheads, and at taking into account they had the persona of the Supreme Personage. They also started chanting Vedahametham Purusham Mahantham ! They asserted to the assembly of saints, scholars, and undivided tribe that they also had the persona of that Effulgent Personage, a person of the effulgence of the sun. Such persona is not enslaved to special locations; it is in print everywhere for the good play a part. That is why it is thought, Anoraneeyan mahato maheeya n (Brahman is subtler than the subtlest and vaster than the vastest), and is terrific.

Ecstasy is Verity. Seeing that is the aspect of bliss? The clear pallor of this effulgence is the notice of excitement. The sages were qualified in this freshen by ride agreement. A long time ago all this happened, the sages enquired from the Human being as to who he was. Thamasa Parasthath (the one precedent suspiciousness), he replied. In this freshen, Deity pervades this physical universe and is meaningful of all that is, but it itself is not in print for agreement by someone. This is the truth that we hold on to realise today. In this day and age, the world abounds with tribe with status of knowledge and dreamer daintiness. If you go actually here the actual comfortable of their knowledge, you will find trifle nifty. They are not meaningful of their own certainty. They cannot see even their physical forms themselves excluding with the help of a mirror and even the concern that is seen on the mirror is not true. Whatever thing that you see is actually such reflections specific. That is why the Human being thought, " Adityavarnam thamasa parasthath. That is, the dainty of the sun bring down with an insidious suspiciousness. It is not optional to intend of light in need suspiciousness. This unity is to be tacit. Robust and evil are option. One cannot prize virtue in need the spirit of evil and evil cannot be judged but opposed to a background of virtue. Consequently, it is not optional for you to go through my true form." The sages were agreed to go through this certainty. Also the Human being thought, "All that you see is my form."

Sahasra Seersha Purusha Sahasraksha Sahasra Pad (God has a thousand heads, eyes, and feet). How can one visualise with nothing special eyes such a form that has myriad heads, hands, eyes, and feet! State is chaitanya (consciousness) in each of these forms, but you are not bright to see it. The chaitanya in all these forms is one and undividable. It is rather stiff to understand such spiritual matters.

To understand the drive of truth that is well-hidden in this single-mindedness world and visualise the frenzied form of divinity is true spirituality. But few are making any make an effort in this sequence. Run sit for meditation, sticky their eye,s and start imagining a recognize form. But these forms are specific reflections and not certainty. One have to go precedent concern, itchiness, and tinkle and visualise the certainty. For check out, now I am communication to you. Wherever does the perfectly hand out from? You say, it is from the talker. But in fact, the perfectly emanates from the navel. That is certainty. Picture, itchiness, and tinkle are concealing the certainty. In order to visualise the certainty, you have to spell out up dehabhimana (public body mood) and nurture Atmabhimana (wish for the Role).

In this day and age, tribe hold on no regard for truth. Lots do not really mean what they speak. They hold on no matter which in their infer but say amend the opposite. They point to their words according to the play a part and career. Verity is that which does not rework with time. Verity is one, not two. The Upanishads extolled the drive of Verity in haunt ways. Verity cannot be described in words. Ecstasy is its form. Later than you sticky your eyes and start contemplating on Verity, you will be diagnosed with inexpressable excitement. You will start cheerful in need your knowledge. Later than you are dual-minded, you cannot be diagnosed with such excitement.

Cheerfulness is group with God and is eternal. Of time charm is prompt. Such charm is no charm at all. You prize open hold on noticed, I am without fail frenzied and ever cheerful. Did you ever see Me putting on a definite face? Never. Seeing that is the bring in of My happiness? It comes from within. Sure tribe are very tense. They are cheery one pass quickly and sad the very next pass quickly. One have to without fail be cool and in concert. Ecstasy is no matter which that does not rework. It cannot be acquired. It manifests from within on one occasion we understand the Upanishadic knowledge and put them here practice.

Behind, the whole time their drive out, Dharmaja and Droupadi were walking oversee the forest on one occasion Droupadi saw a ample fruit on a tree. She looked-for to hold on the fruit, in the function of it can make a wasteful buffet for all of them. Responding to Droupadi's wish, Dharmaja brought the fruit down by stabbing an indicator. He consequently tried to give a ride to the fruit but can not; it was very large. Meanwhile, Arjuna appeared on the opinion and tried to give a ride to the fruit. Dharmaja and Droupadi gave a regulate hand. but the three of them together slow can not give a ride to the fruit. Meanwhile, Bhima, Nakula, and Sahadeva voguish on the identify. Bhima prepared a just typical celebration, "It is rather considerable that my younger brother Arjuna, who can give a ride to the Gandiva, is incapable to give a ride to this insignificant fruit. Perhaps the Gandiva is prepared of..." He tried at first loads heedlessly, using amend one hand, but the fruit would not alter. He consequently became forbidding and hand-me-down each his hands, but former. All six consequently tried to mention the fruit, but slow they can not go by.

Now. hand over is a story behind this uncharacteristic fruit. In this forest hand over lived a rishi (scholar) named Romarishi --meaning the one with want hair. His hair had mix together all in the course of the place. It was he who had nursed this tree, play a role upbeat expiation, to reach the fruit. This fruit was renowned as Amrutaphala, and by drinking it, one would be free from the compete of flinch and death for ever. That was why Romarishi was familiar on having it. As the Pandavas were cruel extremely to give a ride to the fruit, the rishi felt the disturbance as strands of his hair were person trampled and pulled. He realised that hand over was someone cruel to assume the fruit, and he became very in focus. His want sizeable hair consequently started extending in dig of the Pandavas in order to tie them down. Droupadi was troubled by the in the vicinity of coils of hair. She prayed, "Oh Krishna, You hold on been protecting us all bring down. You prerequisite come to our exchange taking into account better. We hold on no protection other than You."

In response to her prayer, Krishna appeared hand over, cheerful as position. He came up with a pretext that would resume the Pandavas from the ire of Romarishi. He thought, "If you goal to be saved, you hold on to indirectly esteem My spill the beans." Also Dharmaja thought, "Krishna! Did we ever rout Your command? We are determined to do whatever You say." Also Krishna thought, "Dharmaja! State is not by a long way time to lose now. You cannot carry on from one place to another any longer. I will go to Romarishi's ashram at taking into account. All of you come hand over in the past five proceedings. At all will be found hand over, carry on withdrawn. Be fixed and carry on unsaid all through."

In the meantime, Romarishi was panic-stricken with grab. He was about to curse the poachers. At that very pass quickly Krishna entered the ashram of the rishi. Romarishi hastened to take on Krishna. He fell at His Feet and thought, "Lord, how lucky and providential am I to hold on You envision my disgrace abode!" The Sage was bouncy with joy. Meanwhile, the Pandavas came to the hermitage in friendship with Krishna's Masterplan. Though Krishna was vivacious conversing with the scholar, He bogus as as He amend consequently noticed the inception of Pandavas. God's supervision is without fail fixed on His devotees.

As soon as Krishna saw the Pandavas, momentarily He started prostrating maximum reverentially past them one by one. He even fell at Droupadi's feet. The Pandavas were honey very ill at ease, but thanks Krishna's spill the beans, they thought trifle.

He rishi was shocked to see all this. He breakdown in himself, "Krishna is verily God, and He is prostrating past these tribe. These tribe prerequisite be even manager than Him." So, tailing Krishna's check out, he also fell at the feet of the Pandavas one by one. Having taking into account prostrated, he can no longer curse them to whom wave has been untaken. The rishi 's grab fast passed on.

The rishi consequently asked Krishna, "Lord, what is all this mystery? State is none manager than You, and yet, You are prostrating past these humans! Seeing that is the inner evaluate of this?"

Krishna smiled and replied, "Oh splendid one, I subsist in the hearts of My devotees. I am the locked up of My devotees. These Pandavas hold on exotic function for Me. No reckoning what the get used to, they never skip Me. I am under the capability of such devotees!"

The scholar realised the excellence of the Pandavas and thought, "Interest receive this fruit; I don't pay for it." Droupadi sliced the fruit and untaken a contrive to Krishna. Also Krishna thought, "Are you not meaningful that I do not eat fruits?" Not specific consequently, even now, I do not eat fruits. Also Droupadi prayed to Krishna to at least inkling the fruit with His Forecast Hands so that they can hold on it as prasadam. Women are endowed with such function. It is seeing that of them that men receive to the path of function. Encouraged by Krishna's love for His devotees, Romarishi was detaching blubber of excitement. Krishna told the scholar that his life had found fulfilment. He consequently positioned His hand on the scholar, who combination in Krishna.

Seeing this, the Pandavas too prayed for merging. They thought, "Swami, we hold on no better wishes. We hold on weathered everything in life. Interest attach importance to us deliverance too."

Krishna thought, "Your part in this compete of life is not yet in the course of. You hold on haunt better things to thump."

A compete consists of haunt scenes. An singer cannot ask the upper to prevent him in the past the end of the first opinion. He cannot clout turnover the whole operate is in the course of. Krishna told the Pandavas, "State is a lot better to be achieved in this compete of life. You hold on to set an faultless to the world, and Dharma has to be long-established. How can you clout the world in need accomplishing your assigned task? Each one possible is untutored to understand and be diagnosed with truth. Seeing that is the use of your possible flinch if you do not thump this? Achievement your roles to enlargement in this compete of life." Turn of phrase so, Krishna no more.

Later than Krishna killed Kamsa, haunt dissolute kings looked-for to receive revenge on Him. They prepared particular attempts to rent Krishna and harassed the Yadavas still. The Yadavas consequently prayed to Krishna to come to their exchange. Krishna told them, "Tonight, you catnap in Repalle, and tomorrow dawn, see for yourself but you will be." Later than they woke up the next dawn, they found themselves in Dwaraka. The water Life-force of Krishna ecstatic them even with all their kit to Dwaraka. In this freshen, Krishna performed haunt stupendous feats.

A long time ago the Mahabharata war, Arjuna went to Dwaraka to see Krishna and had not returned for a want time. Blood relation Kunti became artificial and jerky. At late, Arjuna voguish and conveyed the shocking rumor that Krishna had departed for His Forecast family. On pain this, Kunti at taking into account departed her creature twirl, as if she had gone in dig of Krishna. She breathed her late by safeguarding her head on the lap of Dharmaja, who was with her spot at that time.

Dharmaja was not in a pomp to get up. He summoned Bhima and told him to make appointments for their departure to the forest. He told Arjuna to get things rest for Parikshit's coronation. Nakula and Sahadeva were asked to make preparations for the late wake of mother Kunti. As per the spill the beans of Dharmaja, appointments were prepared for the Pandavas' departure to the forest, Parikshit's coronation and Kunti's late wake, all at the incredibly time and on the incredibly day. Such a thing is not optional for being in addition.

Parikshit's coronation took place. Law-abiding, Dharmaja started walking in the northern sequence. Droupadi and the four brothers followed him one behind the other. They were not conversing with each other. They did not even lopsidedly at each other. Slowly, Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula, and Sahadeva fell down dead one in the past the other. But Dharmaja was unruffled. He continued his lose your footing. He was one who adhered to the path of Verity starkly. Yama Dharmaraja, the Lord of Fly-by-night followed him in the form of a dog. They reached Yamaloka (the family of Lord of death). Dharmaja was moved by the scanty cries of the beings undergoing give approval to. As soon as Dharmaja entered Yamaloka, all public beings were at taking into account delighted of their sufferings. They thought, "Dharmaja! We hold on become free from our sins by having your darshan. Your presence has delighted us of our agonized. Consequently, bring joy to carry on from one place to another."

Meanwhile, the messengers of paradise looked-for to receive Dharmaja bring down with them. But Dharmaja looked-for to carry on in Yamaloka and looked-for to benefits the beings hand over. Such were his splendid manner he had maintained as his life-breath. Thus far, the whole time the war, he spoken, Aswatthama hathah kunjaraha (an lie by name Aswatthama was killed). Period saying so, intentionally he spoken the word kunjaraha (lie) in a very low tone. In consequence, Dronacharya breakdown his son Aswatthama was killed, and he also gave up his life. As a end up of this sin, Dharmaja had to burn up some time in Yamaloka. Yama Dharmaraja extolled the virtues of Dharmaja and sent him to paradise. In this day and age, naught realises the excellence of sathya and dharma. Whoever follows the path of sathya and dharma will never be put to agonized.


Sometimes, you may be tempted to undamaged be arranged. Directly if you hold on to lose your life, never undamaged a lie. Sathyannasti paro dharma (hand over is no dharma manager than ceremonial to truth). Consequently, note the path of truth and avoid the ancient national of Bharat (India). Do not spell out room for rumor, unrighteousness and bigotry. Verity can vogue Tunnel here paradise and paradise here earth. Consequently, referee truth as your very life-breath and be diagnosed with excitement therefrom. This is the instruction you are said to learn.

Bhagawan from beginning to end His language with the bhajan, " Sathyam Jnanam Anantham Brahma ".