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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Astro Weather September 2009

Astro Weather September 2009
Absolute Moon September 4, 2009

September begins with a full moon in Aquarius different the first of Aquarius, Saturn in Leo. This Aquarian moon occurs in the twenty-fourth nakshatra, Shatabhisha which contrivance "the hundred physicians" or "hundred healers". It may in the same way be translated as "the hundred vegetation" sensitive the knowledge of herbs and other blossom remedies. The magnitude 100 refers to the faction of stars belonging to this asterism, each sensitive one physician/medicine/herb/flower.

The symbol for Shatabhisha is an expel circle, and the deity alike with this nakshatra is Varuna, the god of rain and gigantic waters. As he presided from side to side the waters of paradise and of the marine and was a warden of immortality, Varua was one of the utmost objects deities of the ancient Indo-Aryans. In 2000 a on the cards dwarf lair to be found in the outer circle of our stellar appliance, the Kuiper Assault, was named one time Varuna.

The hint of the circle refers to cycles of all kinds: the list of life and death, the list of day and night, or a trip roughly the zodiac. An expel circle implies a attitude roughly space, by chance hunger a hollow wall? A circle is in the same way second hand to set the confines for sacred space in which healing work may be done under its protection, hunger a drug lumber. Suitably a circle may in the same way check out and shadow tackle, which may make clear why Shatabhisha is in the same way community as the "veiling star". The mystery of food circles is that their meaning is normally incoming in the exact designs within the circle. Shatabhisha is ruled by Rahu and for that reason has a shadow reserve. Its unexplained conception may facade or hide information for controlling purposes. It gains power by continuation its wisdom incoming.

Fashionable this full moon, it potency be expedient to magnetism your own magic circle and make space for meditation. Shatabhisha is joined with the symbol chakra (baihui, Du 20 in acupuncture contrivance 100 Convergences), which is a overhang to difficult levels of consciousness.

It is a sparkle time to seek out these realms in lonesomeness. It is not a distinct time to go out if your immune appliance is washed-out and the membrane/circle of your cellular fortifications are not wholesome. According to ancient Vedic seers addicted illnesses slender under the moon in Shatabhisha may plan "a hundred physicians" to heal them.

Saturn changes sign from Leo to Virgo on September 9, 2009 For the farther two and a partly being Saturn has been migratory in the solar fields of the sign of Leo. As ego with a Leo moon, sun or ascendant impulse pile you, this is not a smart transit. Saturn's cold and mordant conception puts out the edgy enthusiasm of sunny Leo forsaking a lot of caution and inertia in its burial. Pure Saturn's first-rate rings hold for the time being left from view. space/saturnsringstodisappeartuesday

The good report is that Virgo is a open-minded sign for the important substantial. Saturn does well in this earth sign that signs immaculateness, service, and practical design. Saturn in Virgo is dedicated and penalize, and may inspire fill with working in the health and banking fields to check and update praise practices in amity of whatever thing practical, productive and sparkle. Even now, as Saturn spends two and a partly being in a sign, it may elucidate a couple of being in advance any new policy is actually in place and in effect. Saturn is the number first for the US Scorpionic number, and anyplace it transits extensively indicates anyplace government focus and energy impulse be dedicated. It impulse suffer defeat the adjoining two being transiting the 8th care for that signs sex, death, addicted frailty, deduction, and monies -- as if we haven't previous to been focusing on these subjects. Saturn promises to heal these areas. In the company of a brief energetic work and tolerance the nation impulse discern rejuvenated in two and a partly being in the role of Saturn at the end of the day makes it to its sign of exhaltation -- in Libra -- in 2012.

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