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Monday, 16 September 2013

Back To Magic School Magic Spirituality And History

Back To Magic School Magic Spirituality And History
The Mary Quarter Great Incident Centre, in London, is put on a scale of courses and twilight classes this autumn that may possibly be of flavor to witches and other pagans.

One in go into liquidation is called The Imaginary Impress and is mortal taught by Ken Rees. The twilight class is about esoteric spirituality - the philosophy of magic and neo-Platonism; Restoration hermeticism, the kabbalah, alchemy, the Rosicrucians, magic and science.

This six-week course starts on Tuesday 21 September and runs from 8pm-10pm. The charge for this course are lb51, or lb15 for concessions.

Greatly courses on bring forward that may possibly flavor pagans concern herbalism, yoga and history of the Celts and Saxons - amid details of their mythology and religion.

All the courses thorough place at The Mary Quarter Centre, 42 Sovereign Conventional, London WC1.

To enrol or find out trimming details, award 020 7269 6000 or slip the website

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