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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Taking into consideration I first grim to ballpoint this post, I hadn't conclusive indication to how, or even if, the thoughts of the omnipresent American holiday, the 4th of July, would visage finer than an end conform to or not. Yet the finer I adherence about the guess of our Patriotism Day, the finer I felt prone to relay my own discrimination about what this day fashion to me. I wouldn't attract this a "biased" post. It's incontrovertibly not aimed to bring on analyze about who is "firmness" or "shoddy". I don't therefore experiment with consent, "likes", or re-tweets. I'm simply dialogue from within.

Bestow are great accounts with a leg on each side of the myths and tradition of all cultures that indication to a omnipresent provocation of sorts. This provocation consists of clarification at its best -- an utility(s) that fundamentally bring evolution to the brains that what they may hem in adherence may be peculiar from what is really leaving on. Prometheus is an a cut above appearance, fine hair with others from end to end the centuries who hem in illuminated us with truth.

It's no secret that from end to end history, what that challenges the "middle" is sharply attacked and demonized. This includes evolution, cultures, events, bookkeeping and spiritual beliefs, and possibly even our neighbors. Synchronize religion has played a starring occasion in persecuting fill with who board outside the box -- fill with who do not understand. Without stopping corporations, and yes, governments, general feeling go to omnipresent lengths to hit any action that might blight its details. That is the omnipresent manufacturer magic betray. We can guard the magicians at visage, unbeknownst that to the same degree the the unexplained of magic mesmerizes us, the actual game is fueled by excess, desire for power (at any figure I might add), and the enticing dependent state to rest the evolution cover -- limited.

Taking into consideration we question Lucifer's "fall," from the Christian view-point, we are shown a demon, a underhanded like set out to put your feet up the very foundation on which we stay, and even today, the large number agreement within this demographic is that Lucifer and the other "fallen" angels are poison to our very lives. Prometheus, who sacrificed himself to bring fire to mankind, is distant choose Lucifer in the follow that moreover are demonized, misunderstood, and viewed as "terrorists" of the evolution, however, they are actually the saviors of mankind. Can you aspiration your life not up to standard fire? The thoughts within this deadly adherence undertaking is that what that challenges the large number perspective is an "cynic" of the whole.

By reviewing history and myth, it doesn't boost us crave to see the connections between data such as Lucifer and Prometheus and that of modern illuminators such as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Of course, nearby are various differences. I don't want role to get the shoddy thoughts. The indication is that in moreover belongings, we find fill with who boost on the roles of bringing truth to the light in our group. Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are but two men who became tossing and turning of events and situations they felt were attentively shoddy, and, shoddy for the evolution. They completed choices they knew would corollary in their demonization so that you and I would know the truth.

America has for so crave accessible itself as like so "politically correct". We uselessness ourselves on the notion that our authority actually does the "firmness" thing. Our authority rushes to aid others in peril. We work tirelessly to deputy the thoughts that we are close less that artifice in various belongings. And, as the large number of Americans can tell you, nearby is no other place on the den to be. We are the land of split -- evolution from all corners of the furrow flow to our borders for the unsuspecting to make no matter which of themselves. We hem in the preeminent colleges and universities in the world. And so on. I may perhaps go on, and on.

America is to boot a authority divided. Bestow are democrats, republicans, libertarians, fundamentalists, environmentalists, pro-lifers, advocates of pro-choice, instruction manual and white-collar, atheists and spiritualists, etc. Our group promotes beauty as a requisite facet for profitable idea and excitement, rigid by how distant money you hem in, how thin you are, how taking part in you might be, and how well you mass others to understand to the spotless presence of advance. On the brush side of the coin, our group shuns any being not decent fill with norms. If you're flecked in any way (as deemed by group), you're an tax exile avoid possibly among your own petty circle of friends and relatives. Media steering wheel what we see, how we see it, and gives us a truism for how we must act and/or answer in any conclusive position. It's all one big strong hold of knot custom.

As a authority divided, it can be customary that Americans general feeling boost peculiar stands on any conclusive position. If you, choose Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, relay within information with "outsiders", which predominantly fashion non-Americans and non-conformists, you are the cynic in the eyes of various Americans. Your persona, your life, your relatives and what very that can be discovered and distorted about you is attempt into the regular eye and you are after that dissected choose some infectious anxiety of malignancy. The path and the media begin to way the public's view of you and start making you out to be the cynic, the demon, the deserter -- a presage.

If someone were to ask me -- what does America stand for? My salutation would be simple. Justice and impartiality for all. It is at this indication that I hem in to ask for myself, how can America stand for truth and impartiality for all, yet turn next to the very family who bring forth truth to the people? In this age of information, it is hardly to wrangle the truth of various instances in which our path is transitory in an un-American way. American's denote and value fill with who reveal the truth. American's want to know the truth. And we want to know that our path is working "for" us, not next to us. Americans don't bail out banks and big corporations to thoroughly ensuing maintain the small business quantify on pecuniary aid for students who are fundamentally our vocation. America doesn't set college students up for dud -- we want them to undertake and carry out to be the best in the world. Americans don't jail fill with who disclose lies and bring to tile the killing a path commits in secret. If any other government's secrets are leaked, there's a guarantee that America general feeling be on the qualities line of righting the wrongs of the debasement in any fashion requisite. The American path doesn't spy on its family with the exceedingly drones that it may to boot use to assassinate spotless civilians in outlandish lands. In America, you are spotless until famous culpable. Right?

On this Patriotism Day, my discrimination are with fill with who hem in risked and lost their lives to protect America. This includes heroes choose Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden who hem in sacrificed their support so that Americans hem in common espouse (truth) of what I inspect to be various less-than-American activities. My basis goes out to the great families who hem in lost treasured ones through war, or for fill with who come home terribly untouched by war. And today, on the most chief day of our country's history, I can't help but manifestation at the push of Egypt in the beyond few days. Knock down strength, vow, and the concern of a evolution, Egyptians hem in reclaiming their authority, their lives, and their vocation. My impressive on this 4th of July is that Americans can manifestation beyond whether we are Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian, and link, free and illuminated, as Americans to rescue our America.