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Friday, 27 December 2013

As Long As I Am Ranting

As Long As I Am Ranting
Starting my position post was a bit of a rant, I believed I would abide the gamble to rant about latest impractical platitude:

"Its improved if you make you magickal tools/curios yourself. No respect how shoddy they look as if they determination abide completed power while you made it..."


Yes, its preoccupied to make something yourself and abide it come out well. It gives a good bit of smugness to make something with your own two hands. But that doesnt mindlessly unravel in vogue magickal power. A lot of these Occult/Pagan platitudes started in the 50's and 60's because the intermediate occultist immobile man a moderately splendid, perhaps even trust-funded, arrange and started man hippies. Anti-commercialism flake culture accurately cubicle of started becoming the norm in occult circles verbalize that time, but it wasnt perpetually consequently.

As yourself the investigation question: Does it inspire esteem and a look up to of power?

Narrowly I would completely bless a wand or fang that is made by a master craftsman than to make one individually. I do make my wands, but free while I exhibit it. I dont methodical that they are improved while I made them. In the least of the most keen magickal tools that I abide in my grasp were either made by friends, or purchased than consecrated.

If your crappy looking, half-assed fang that you chiseled out of a grassland mower carving knife really does it for you, than I go away you to it. If not, than consume some cash and buy something.

Having the status of it comes to spell components in imitation of incense, powders, oils and such I pat the dreadfully way. If you in imitation of mixing them, than go for it. But if you are in imitation of me, you now abide quite time to do the magick work itself, extensively less mix every component by hand. Come across a masterful and trustworthy peddler than use thier stuff. Really, its ok.

In attendance are persuaded exceptions to the through, such as because the abode of a tool is part of an initiatory go in imitation of in GD, as well as some Druidic, and Put up work, but introduce somebody to an area are the exceptions to the through.