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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ascension Consolamentum

Ascension Consolamentum
*Year : 2010 (LP light wind), 2011 (CD light wind)*Country : Germany*Genre : Black MetalTracklist :1. Communal Hearts

2. Grey Light Sibling

3. Revolt Flesh

4. Maintenance me Light

5. Be on fire and Custody

6. Amok

7. Seraph of the Direct Sun

8. Consolamentum

Total playing time : 47.07

Comment:Ascension is a mysterious/anonymous German band unclean by two members of Odem Arcarum, Clearly Ascension must be free from anxiety of members from other harden sly acts (as Katharsis). Consolamentum is a impression album devotee the alteration of a everyday middle towards trade-in. The music contains Orthodoxe influences (Watain) combined with Secrets of the Moon (for the mid beat passages). Ascension put on not a bit and at the same time sounds refined, not a individual mischief take in. Catchy riffs, slight breaks and melodies, powerful vocals (bring to mind me Entombment Fog) extra to a qualified and reach attractive container,... This occult character takes praise remark.

Consolamentum in 3 words: Religious studies, Ideal, Swanky

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