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Thursday, 5 December 2013

A 5th Dimensional Healing Visit And Opening Up Communications With My Pleiadian Family Via Goldenlight

channeled by Goldenlight

The Fair Joie de vivre Tube

Spare image by Lindy Longhust, 'Vishuddhi'- the 5th Chakra or Throat Chakra. Sited at the gorge spot the chakra represents all forms of vernacular and poetry. It governs our fancy of treat and good chutzpah in the midst of others.

On May 3, I had a discriminating 5th dimensional healing "reside" with my Pleiadian descendants. I was hint stress from work and my quantity was beginning to fair signs from this severe stress. I went here meditation and called on my Pleiadian descendants to keenly ask for a reside with them to authentication me in physical healing at this time. I transcribed this laying down on my iphone so it flows as clarification that I took closer than like in fierce in black and white form.


Had some other stress this week from work... which I have space for was heartrending my restlessness...eye started twitching and is bill so on and off fitting now.. Became wobbly that the yank failing would come back.. Hope against hope to resuscitate this at all appoint. (In 2011 I grown a yank state-owned due to work stress, which I was noble to heal quickly, but it was demoralizing. It has not come back and favorably never chutzpah.) Wear equally been brooding about aging vs reversal of aging scarcely.

Firm Pleiadian Public..

I regard that I am locate to unite with you.. Do you accommodate any healing chambers aboard your ship? May perhaps you tow me to one? I am in long for of support with healing and reversal of aging and would highest handling a resolution with you... I regard that I long for to bring some info and signification to earth about your healing technologies and other technologies as well as reasonable aspects of your (and my new-fangled) advanced Pleiadian societies.

We are highest pleased that you are asking us this and even haughty pleased that you picked up on our diviner statement that we can authentication you at this time and that we accommodate far afield info to regulate and to join to your earth's later than usual hearings in the US (the upper crust Disclosure Hearings) concerning our specter. We wish for you to be a alleyway of information from us to your earth so that information and vernacular can begin to coop from us to you and back to us. In fact if your readers absence to yield questions to us we would handling answering them. This as a result can be the beginning of our open willing to please interrelations in the midst of us. Continue we are all emanations from Brim, so it is really Brim knowing Brim in the grander foretell of bits and pieces...

As far as coming to reside with us, if you wish you may now lay in a lenient round about and sense upon this. You chutzpah be noble to travel to us in your 5th dimensional lightbody to one of our covered ships that is actually stacks close to you. We accommodate been modish nearby everyplace you live to the same degree you complete your understanding to us at the back fall and yes the "smudge" you saw yesterday on your shoreline walk was our ship.

This was in the identical spot as the cloudships you saw on the day you saw the rainbows at the back Saunter. We are noble to vague our ships here any come out appearance or existence that we wish.. Our ships are determined by conscious computers that answer to our turmoil feelings so it is as easy as saying we absence to highlight as a smudge and it is done.

Now rest and lay back and handling your lead to our resolution and healing... we party you aboard highest distinctly high-quality one! And we send our blessings out to you in convenient you back to one of your true homes. Your honey cat may come with you as he is in long for of healing as well. Move well honey one!...